Pheasants Forever celebrating 25 years

By Darrin Clark • Last Updated 2:57 pm on Thursday, September 01, 2011

Jay Wickerham of Sheridan and of the Montcalm County chapter of Pheasants Forever recently wrote the following to my attention:

“On September 17th our chapter will hold its 25th Anniversary Banquet. The event will once again be held at the Holland Lake Golf Course, with the famous prime rib dinner being served by Karen and her staff.

“You know, it’s no surprise that our pheasant population is on the decline. While some wildlife species flourish to the point of over population, our habitat-sensitive pheasants are struggling, so now more than ever they need our help. Our habitat projects must continue with nesting cover, winter cover, brood rearing cover, and food plots.

“We must do those things, and we will. When I look at the faces of the people who attend our banquets and pick out seed at our habitat seed day, I see folks that have been members since day one. We thank you for your support. And, if some of you have not attended our yearly banquet for a few years or now want to get involved for the first time, we welcome your support.

“So on September 17th please join your friends and help us celebrate a quarter century of habitat improvement in Montcalm County.

“For banquet tickets please contact Larry Engel at (989) 831-5843.”

I want to thank Jay Wickerham, who is also a Sheridan Taxidermist, for his note. And I’d also like to thank him and the other members of the Montcalm County chapter for the fine work they’ve done over the past 25 years. I have known and worked with Jay and many of the other members over the past 20 years, and I can say that they are a most dedicated and hard working group. I’m certain they will continue in that manner.

If additional information is required you may contact Larry Engel, as mentioned above, or also you can reach Jay Wickerham at (989) 261-4481.

I’m planning to attend this year’s banquet, and I hope to see you all there.

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