Local artists to compete in ArtPrize

By Daily News • Last Updated 6:37 pm on Thursday, September 22, 2011

GRAND RAPIDS – Seventeen local artists will be competing in the third annual ArtPrize, which gets under way Wednesday in Grand Rapids.
ArtPrize is a unique event which allows the public to vote and choose the winners. Ten cash prizes will be awarded, including a first prize of $250,000. The top 10 art displays will be announced Sept. 29 and the winners will be announced Oct. 6.
The event ends Oct. 9.
Here’s a look at local artists and their projects:

Beverly Adams, Crystal
Title: “Cone Flowers with Globe Thistle”
Displayed at: First United Methodist Church, 227 E. Fulton St.
Medium: Acrylic on canvas.
Description: “This painting is a close-up of flower blossoms with insects, etc. The colors are mysterious and rich. It is in the classical realist style, though quite contemporary.”
Background: “Adams has been a working painter since 1986, working in a Dutch 18th century style with floral and still life paintings. Her work is classical realism with a contemporary subject matter.”
Adams’ profile

Wanda Alberta, Coral
Title: “White Wolf”
Displayed at: Baker Tent Rental & Alternatives in Motion, 201 Matilda St. NE.
Medium: Pencil.
Description: “A white wolf is on the hunt in the dead of winter. This work is to replace tribute as my Great Dane broke it in half.”
Background: “I have been drawing all my life in all types of mediums from pencil, pastel, ink and acrylic paint. I have little to no art training. All I have learned has been self-taught or trial and error. My family and friends coaxed me into doing this this year. Personally, I’m nervous and excited at the same time.”
Alberta’s profile

Sierra Cole, Grand Rapids, formerly of Greenville
Title: (title is pending)
Displayed at: San Chez Bistro & Cafe, 38 W. Fulton.
Medium: Cotton fabric, ink, embroidery floss.
Description: “These images are inspired by a body of work that was started 10 years ago as an undergraduate in the Department of Art at Michigan State University. By looking at cellular structures and examining plant life at its most basis form, this work becomes a brief snapshot of chaotic events that are the construct of everyday life. By digitizing elements of pictures created a decade ago, I am able to design new compositions utilizing PhotoShop. This new image is printed on cotton fabric by a large-format digital textile ink jet printer. The pieces are then reworked with traditional stitches using embroidery floss.”
Background: “Sierra graduated from Michigan State University in 2000 with a bachelor’s degree of fine art with a focus on graphic design and printing. For the past nine years she has been designing and creating a line of boiled wool handbags and hats. As a working artist, she sells her work at fine art shows throughout the Midwest. She lives in a 79-year-old American four square in the Eastown neighborhood of Grand Rapids.”
Cole’s profile

Jenny Dood, Pierson
Title: “Peace Upon The River”
Displayed at: Cambridge House, 600 Monroe Ave. NW.
Medium: Acrylic painting.
Description: “This painting is of a large, old Japanese maple tree in blazing fall colors growing beside a raging river in the wilderness. It represents that there is a way to find peace even amongst the feelings of wilderness and raging rivers of life.”
Background: “I am a self-taught artist. My love of nature and animals has brought me from painting pet portraits to photographing landscapes. Being a photographer has also influenced my paintings and the subjects that I find interesting. I love most forms of art, but painting is where I find most joy.”
Dood’s profile

Brian Duey, Howard City
Title: “Tori’s Portrait”
Displayed at: Waters Building, 161 Ottawa Ave. NW.
Medium: Graphite pencil.
Description: “My entry is a work in progress. The portrait is a larger than life drawing of my girlfriend, Tori.”
Background: “I am a professional artist working in a variety of traditional media, mostly graphite pencil drawings though. This year I did a pencil drawing that will be seen on the NBC pilot episode of ‘Playboy Club.’ My artistic journey will be a lifelong thing and I am enjoying the ride.”
Duey’s profile

Sue Greenhoe, Orleans
: “Butterflies Illuminated #1″
Displayed at: West Coast Coffee, 55 Monroe Center St. NW.
Medium: Mixed media: abaca and cotton paper pulp with inclusions.
Description: “This piece demonstrates the light and shade topography technique with botanical inclusions, showing dimension and illumination of the butterflies. The embossed features are illuminated with LED chasing lights behind the paper. These lights align with the light and shade butterflies, giving the illusion of movement.”
Background: “I graduated from Kendall College of Art & Design in 1996 with a bachelor of fine arts degree in illustration. I have actively studied and integrated handmade papermaking using various types of paper pulp, botanical and natural inclusions, light and shade topography, as well as illumination.”
Greenhoe’s profile

David Huang, Sand Lake
: “Numinous Community”
Displayed at: Grand Rapids Art Museum, 101 Monroe Center St.
Medium: Copper, fine silver, sterling silver and 23-karat gold leaf.
Description: “This will be a collection of 21 metal vessels along the lines of my regular work, which can be seen at www.davidhuang.org. I want to try to show the beauty in our similarities and differences.”
Background: “It is about trying to find a timeless beauty, something that speaks to all of us at the core of our humanity. It’s about honoring and valuing skilled labor, the sort that challenges us to develop our bodies and minds. It’s about the natural, sensual world, being very tactile objects that let the materials and tools have a voice in their creation. Finally, it’s about gently guiding attention to space within, our inner being and the wonder of life.”
Huang’s profile

Eston King, Greenville
: “Enrico’s Dilemma”
Displayed at: McFadden’s Restaurant & Saloon, 55 Ionia Ave. SW.
Medium: Mixed media.
Description: “My ArtPrize entry was inspired by the opera tenor, the late Enrico Caruso. In his short 48 years of life, he contributed a maximum amount of talent to the music world. He enjoyed life and I know he would have gotten a kick out of my tribute to him.”
Background: “Eston King has lived in (the Greenville) area for most of his 76 years. He is basically self-taught, although in the 1950s he studied under instructors Gerald Mast and Paul Haller Jones, who taught at the Grand Rapids Art Gallery. He enjoys working in just about every medium.”
King’s profile

Jennifer Longfellow, Gowen
: “Still Standing”
Displayed at: First United Methodist Church, 227 E. Fulton St.
Medium: Acrylic paint, canvas boards, paper, photographs.
Description: “I lost my mother, father, uncle, aunt, brother-in-law and very dear friend to cancer. My project is a photography piece that will display the photos of the people left behind, while also including a photo of the ones who have passed. There will be a blank note next to the photos for ArtPrize visitors to write their own note to their loved one or express their feelings of how cancer affected them. My purpose is to give an artistic outlet to those who are hurting, grieving and missing the ones they love, a way to show cancer that even through the pain of the loss it has caused, we are still standing.”
Background: “I am a married mom of two beautiful children. I work in the medical field currently as a medical transcriptionist, but my love is for art. It has forever been my passion. I have developed a deeper love for photography as I have gotten older. My favorite is portrait work. I love capturing the expressions and personalities of people.”
Longfellow’s profile

Darryl Love, Howard City
: “Fiskateer”
Displayed at: West Coast Coffee, 55 Monroe Center St. NW.
Medium: Oil painting on board.
Description: “This was sketched out and painted after waking up from a really crazy dream. It combines surrealism, comics and abstract expression.”
Background: “I’m a freelance artist. My original style is molded from watching movies, surrealism, comics, graffiti art and a general interest in all things strange and bizarre. I’ve been drawing since I was a child. In high school I was mentored by a tattoo artist who pulled back a curtain and opened the door to the universe of painting. I am working on a portfolio for Warner Bros. and DC Comics.”
Love’s profile

Don Pangborn, Sand Lake
: “North of Rockford”
Displayed at: Waters Building, 161 Ottawa Ave. NW.
Medium: Acrylic on canvas.
Description: “It is an imaginary place from childhood memories, made from the shapes of trees, fields and clouds.”
Background: “I can’t remember a time when art wasn’t the primary moving force of my life. I was lucky enough to have found a job that included it and I’ve kept busy doing art since I retired.”
Pangborn’s profile

Michelle Pittman, Sand Lake
: “Geo Rhapids”
Displayed at: Huntington Bank, 50 Monroe Place NW.
Medium: Photography.
Description: “‘Geo Rhapids’ is a black and white photograph featuring downtown Grand Rapids. I use line and shape in my work to transform ordinary facades into extraordinary geometric works of art. Unusual perspectives, patterns, interpenetrating shapes, shadows and lines give a unique view of a city we think we know so well. Working in black and white gives the piece an even more abstract feeling.”
Background: “I am a native of Grand Rapids. I have lived in the city for many years, work and attend college here. I love the fantastic architecture we have downtown and the rich history it holds. I love the freedom of expression that art gives. I love trying new techniques in my work and learning from other talented artists.”
Pittman’s profile

Judy Rogers, Gowen
: “Shine the Light of Michigan!”
Displayed at: Vander Hyde Mechanical Inc., 1058 Scribner Ave. NW.
Medium: Acrylic, metal, wood.
Description: “I’m creating a lighthouse. It has six sides on each panel. There will be a mural of a lighthouse. The lighthouse is approximately 12 feet tall, representing each of the five Great Lakes. On the sixth panel there will be a map of Michigan showing the location of all the lighthouses in Michigan. It will be a working lighthouse powered by solar energy. My goal is to promote tourism in Michigan and green energy.”
Background: “I graduated in 1981 from Kendall College of Art and Design, then again in 2000 with a bachelor of fine arts degree. I currently work for Greenville Public Schools as a teacher assistant and I also substitute teach. I do freelance art work, mainly murals for homes, businesses and plays. I have loved to draw since I was 9 years old. Working at Cedar Crest Elementary gives me a chance to show my love for art with the children.”
Rogers’ profile

Angie Ruff, Greenville
: “Hydrogen Blonde, Vintage Barbie: Mod Era”
Displayed at: Echo Salon, 24 Sheldon Blvd. SE.
Medium: Oil on board.
Description: “‘Hydrogen Blonde’ is an oil panting measuring 44 inches tall by 72 inches wide. It is a portrait of three Barbie dolls. I realize that Barbie comes with her justified share of feminist controversy, but I thoroughly enjoy her pop art value.”
Background: “I am a self-taught painter and my concentration is in portraits. I love to paint pets as well as people and, yes, even Barbie dolls. I prefer a modern, funky style as opposed to anything too traditional.”
Ruff’s profile

Jesse VanderBand, Stanton
: “The Work of Your Hand”
Displayed at: St. Cecelia Music Center, 24 Ransom Ave. NE.
Medium: Mixed media: sculpture/painting.
Description: “Jesse is currently working on a mixed media sculpture made entirely out of broken guitars. He is covering the surface in a multitude of paintings and line drawings. ‘The Work of Your Hand’ is a piece that celebrates the human imagination and the endless possibilities that it can come up with.
Background: “Jesse VanderBand is a visual arts education student at Central Michigan University. He works mostly in paint mediums and mixed media work. He has a wild imagination and attention for detail.”
VanderBand’s profile

Cathy Fox VanVoorhis, Dexter, formerly of Greenville
: “A Walk Along the Beach: a windy day at Lake Michigan.
Displayed at: Waters Building, 161 Ottawa Ave. NW.
Medium: Oil on canvas.
Description: “We are very fortunate to have a great deal of the natural coastline of Lake Michigan. Such wild places are a necessity of the spirit. When we feel connected to the land and water, we may begin to use them with love and respect.”
Background: “Cathy is a 1976 graduate of Greenville High School. She has been painting landscapes of northern wilderness areas for more than 30 years. An avid naturalist, she is particularly inspired by lakes and forests in Michigan and Canada. Cathy received a masters of fine arts from the University of Michigan, where she is currently a lecturer.”
VanVoorhis’ profile

Sherry Wyse, Gowen
: “The Heavenly Companion”
Displayed at: Department of Corrections, 1 Division St. NW.
Medium: Stained glass and paint.
Description: “Heavenly Companion is a stained class creation using a copper foil technique. It was inspired by the fact that true friendship does not die with the death of a loved one.”
Background: “In 1989 I restored a historical home in Greenville and opened a bed and breakfast. This home had a beautiful stained glass window. Fascinated by the beauty of the refractivity of light, I took classes to learn how to build stained glass windows. During the past 20 years I have been testing various techniques and working in the medium of stained glass.”
Wyse’s profile

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