Le Tour de Donut to combine bicycling, eating

By Chip Burch • Last Updated 6:43 pm on Thursday, September 22, 2011

About 450 people participated in last year's Le Tour De Donut.

GREENVILLE – Bicycle riders and doughnut eaters will be descending on Klackle Orchards on Saturday for the third annual Le Tour de Donut.
The bicycle race is a fun event that has grown in popularity, according to owner Steve Klackle.

“We had about 150 the first year,” Klackle said. “We had 450 last year and we got inundated the last few days, so we don’t know what to expect. We have about 300 now and we could have a record number of riders.”

The whole idea for the bike ride came from watching a real bicycle race: the Tour de France, Klackle said.

“The Tour de Donut is a spoof on the Tour de France, only you eat doughnuts along the way,” he said. “There are three 10-mile legs. At the end of each leg and instead of water you have to eat a doughnut. You get three minutes off your time for each doughnut you eat. Then you ride the next 10 miles, eat doughnuts, then another 10-mile leg to the finish.”

It is possible to have a negative time.

“If you’re Adam (Richman) on (the Travel Channel’s) ‘Man vs. Food’ you can,” Klackle said.

Klackle combined a passion of his with a staple of Klackle Orchards.

“I like to ride bikes and we have doughnuts,” he said. “Truthfully, I’m not the originator of the idea. There’s about half a dozen scattered around the country. I watched them grow and I decided to bite the bullet – or bite the doughnut.”

There will be one difference in the route the riders take for this year’s race as opposed to the previous two years.

“This year the same route but we’re running it in reverse,” Klackle said. “That’s a different twist to people that know the event. We just use a portion of the trail, not going on any of the new part.”

Klackle noted there was some competition in last year’s event.

“The first year was fun. Last year we were surprised with the entries we got and it was actually quite competitive,” he said. “It has turned into a competitive event somewhat, but it’s still fun. They (competitive riders) keep it in perspective. We’re kind of falling in between events where cycling is concerned.”

Registration forms and more information can be found by going to Klackle’s website, www.klackleorchards.com and clicking on the Le Tour de Donut logo.

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