Belding releases last two of three marketing videos

By Jessica Beery • Last Updated 5:55 pm on Monday, September 26, 2011

Belding Mayor Roger Wills appears in a screenshot from the city’s residential marketing video.

BELDING — The city hopes to drum up more enthusiasm about its often-overlooked potential with the release of three new community marketing videos.
The videos, produced by John Chickering from Chickering & Associates of Rockford, were developed throughout the summer. The residential video was released earlier this summer while the industrial and commerical videos were released on the city’s website this week.
The videos will cost the city a total of $20,000, with individual donations, businesses, the Downtown Development Authority and local organizations helping foot the bill.
The residential video gives a brief overview of the rich silk mill history of the city and provides lots of footage at Belding area parks, schools and residential areas. Several city and school leaders are interviewed, as well as a handful of Belding residents.
The commercial video focuses on the “untapped opportunity” available in Belding, featuring interviews with several local businessmen and women from the city. The video encourages potential businesses to find the “next great (business) opportunity” in the Covered Village Mall and other available locations.
The industrial video informs potential manufacturers of the assistance available through incentives and highlights the reasons Belding would be a potential site to lay down manufacturing roots.
Former councilman Bob Thompson initiated the idea of implementing the marketing videos.
“This has been a couple year process,” Thompson said, telling how the marketing video idea came up when the city was designing new logos and discussing a “rebranding” campaign. “Belding has so many wonderful things. I think we really truly need to make what Belding is known to others.”
When work obligations forced Thompson to step down from his position as councilman, the marketing videos were spearheaded by Councilman Ron Gunderson, City Clerk Kareen Thompson, City Manager Randy DeBruine and Mayor Roger Wills.
“I am very pleased with the final results of these three videos,” Wills said. “This was important because we must find ways of tooting our horn about the assets of our community. We cannot wait for other to rescue our economy or expect new residents to accidentally come to Belding.”
“I think this is a step in the right direction,” Thompson said.
He added that he hopes the videos will help “people see all the good things we have in Belding.”
“It will at least attract them to take a look,” Thompson said. “The more people we have that take a look, the better chance we have to add new residents.
Besides being posted on the city’s website and linked to other community websites, 75 DVDs of the videos will be distributed throughout the community. Wills said the videos will be edited as the community changes, keeping everything fresh and up-to-date.

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