Greenville students visit ArtPrize sculpture they helped artist create

By Elisabeth Waldon • Last Updated 5:39 pm on Monday, September 26, 2011

Young men from Greenville High School's 3D art class examine their work at ArtPrize.

Young women from Greenville High School’s 3D art class react with delight upon seeing their creation displayed at the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum as part of ArtFest on Friday afternoon.

GRAND RAPIDS — Corey Van Duinen’s ArtPrize entry “And a Child Will Lead Them” features 100 glass and wood silhouettes of children decorated by youths throughout West Michigan.
Five of the silhouettes were created by students from Greenville High School.
“They’re the favorite of almost everyone,” Van Duinen said of the five Greenville creations. “Every day I hear people say, ‘Oh, look at the paper clips, oh, look at the push pins.’”
Sonja Peterson took her 3D art class on an ArtPrize field trip Friday. Students stopped to see their creation on display outside the entrance of the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum.
Van Duinen of Grand Rapids won second place for “Imagine That” in the 2009 ArtPrize. For this year’s entry, he recruited local youths at Maranda Park Parties — including a party in Greenville. Van Duinen said he specifically looked for volunteers at park parties because they were free events and he didn’t want financial situations to limit opportunities.
“It was such a great opportunity for the kids,” Peterson said. “I just jumped at the chance. This is a great group of kids and I’m so proud of how the pieces turned out.”
Peterson’s class worked on the projects every day. They used a variety of materials to decorate the silhouettes, including glass, tile, stone, pennies, paper clips and push pins.
The goal of each silhouette is to represent previous ArtPrize winners. The glass on each entry is meant to allow observers to see themselves in the silhouettes of the children.
“The vision of this piece is all about working together and compassion and seeing yourself in other children,” Van Duinen said.
The young men and women from Greenville’s art class gathered around the silhouettes Friday and admired their handiwork.
“I went through my wardrobe and used my favorite pair of pants and my favorite TV show (‘Bleach and Code Geass’) to get inspiration,” said senior Dale Talmage. “I think it turned out pretty good.
“I always wanted to enter ArtPrize and it turns out I did, in my own little way,” he added with a grin.
Students were inspired by the thought of having no boundaries when it came to their creativity.
“We could do anything we wanted to,” said sophomore Jason Compton.
“Anything you could imagine,” added sophomore Skylar Ward.
Students also enjoyed working together on the projects — each youth adding their own flair to the creation.
“I thought it was really cool that we were all working on something at the same time,” said senior Taylor Sirard. “It was a group effort.”
ArtPrize got under way Wednesday and continues through Oct. 9. Visit for more information.

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