Technology increases at BAS

By Jessica Beery • Last Updated 1:59 pm on Friday, October 07, 2011

Courtesy photo Woodview Elementary School Principal Julie Milewski sits at a teacher's desk to get a feel for the new technology in each classroom.

BELDING — The standard overhead projector of the past in Belding Area Schools will become just that —  something of the past.
Though the bond-funded upgrades outside Belding Area Schools (BAS) buildings have been visible all summer long, many technology improvements are happening inside the buildings as well. Multimedia tools are being added to every classroom in the district.
“Our new multimedia classrooms will allow teachers to project a document onto an eight-foot projection screen, then electronically manipulate it as the students watch, said Mike Burde, Belding’s director of instruction and technology. “Ultimately, our students will benefit from our multimedia tools as our teachers use them to reinforce skills and competencies demanded by the globally-competitive workplace.”
The multimedia classrooms include teacher and student wireless microphones, new ceiling-mounted projectors, eight-foot screens, wireless Smart slate, a four-speaker surround sound system and wireless routers to allow students netbook Internet access.
In addition, all kindergarten through fifth-grade classrooms will be equipped with four netbooks, allowing students to have technology at their fingertips.
“By the summer of 2012, each of our students in grades sixth through 12th will have their own netbook that will be their digital textbook,” said Network Engineer Ryan Kelley. “Imagine the educational power in our district with this one-to-one technology.”
Teachers  began the school year training with their new classroom technology, learning how best to utilize it for the success of their students.
“Our children now live in a society that is ever increasingly digital,” said Superintendent Leslie Mount. “Their future will depend on their ability to embrace technology as a learning tool and adapt to the constant changes within the technological realm.”
She said the district’s goal is to guarantee that Belding students have and use the tools they need for today’s digital world. District leaders are doing their best to help teachers adapt to the changes through training and preparation.
“It’s an exciting time at (Belding schools),” Burde said. “Students will have technology at their fingertips and our teachers will have interactive tools to assist them, keeping our students at the highest level of learning.”

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