SPORTS GALORE: GHS plays final game at Black Field

By Bruce Bentley • Last Updated 10:52 am on Friday, October 14, 2011

Black Field was dedicated in 1936.

In between. it has been used for football, soccer, track and field, softball and much more. More recently, football players begin playing on Black Field as young as 7-years-old and wrap up their careers as seniors in high school.

Tonight, Greenville varsity football players will play in their final game at Black Field. Ever.

A new stadium is being built on the campus of Greenville High School and will house the football team for many years to come. The stadium is expected to be best in the area and will open in late August against longtime rival Belding

Black Field is known for its intimacy and that will be duplicated with the new stadium.

Whether you were there in August with the sun beaming down until late in the third quarter or you watched the leaves fall from the west in early October right before kickoff, Black Field holds many special memories for residents of Greenville and beyond.

Greenville coach Dave Moore — winningest coach in Greenville history with 50 wins — has coached many seasons in many locations. He said Black Field is one of the most unique.
“It’s the most unique field around,” he said. “Age, the setting — being in the neighborhood — being in a bowl dug into the ground is so different. It is all special.”

One memory Moore has was before the corners of the end zones were cut out to make them level.

“I still have memories of Roger Craig scoring touchdowns and running up the hill,” Moore said. “Stuff like that is really neat.”

The senior class will have the honor of being the last graduating class to play of the field. The juniors will get to play at Black Field and open up the new stadium next year.

Greenville senior Ryan Culey said it’s been nice to see some of the festivities that have taken place over the course of the season

“Just all the memories that has been here,” Culey said. “Seeing the banners, the Black Field legends and seeing all of those that have played here before. It’s been an honor playing here.”

Senior Chris Mickey is eager to play the game, but at the same time, said it would be said to see it go.

“I’m eager to play, but I just don’t want it to go,” senior Chris Mickey said. “Being the last team on Black Field is an honor, but seeing it go is sad.”

For most of the current team, beating Grand Rapids Christian in overtime is their top memory.

Black Field isn’t going anywhere. It will still be used for Rocket Football for years to come. Youngsters will still have the memory of playing on that special field.

They will have new memories of playing on the new field as well. It will be the same for the fans as well.

No one wants to change. Sometimes its good and other times its bad. This time it is good.

Having seen most of the Greenville games the past 10 years at Black Field I will have many memories as well. I am also looking forward to a new stadium.

Enjoy tonight’s final game at Black Field. Remember to glance around and capture a final memory or two.

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