Greenville City Council candidates

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 9:43 am on Thursday, November 03, 2011

GREENVILLE — Four candidates are running for two four-year terms on the Greenville City Council on Nov. 8.
Incumbents Kenneth Snow and Larry Moss are running for re-election while newcomers Stephen Eipper and Brian Greene are also vying for a seat.

Stephen J. Eipper
Stephen J. Eipper, 49, is the owner of Liberty Appraisal and Consulting Inc., a real estate broker and certified appraiser. Eipper has lived in Greenville for one year.
Eipper said when times are tough, there is a tendency to change goals based on fear of the future.  He sees many wonderful qualities and opportunities in Greenville and would like to help and be a part of the positive changes in the future.
He is concerned that the current council members are losing respect for each other. Eipper said he hopes to bring balance and help the board to stay focused on the goals of the city.
Eipper said managing the city’s budge has to be a primary responsibility. There are huge obstacles in the future for Greenville if the personal property tax is eliminated.

Brian K. Greene
Brian K. Greene, 42, is a technician at AGA Marvel and has lived in Greenville for 17 years.
Greene said Greenville is a great place to raise a family and/or start a business.
“We have the opportunity to look at dozens of cities around us and learn from their successes, as well as mistakes, and continue o work on revitalizing Greenville,” Greene said.
Greene wants to help Greenville attract new business while supporting the existing business and their efforts to expand and thrive.
“Greenville has a can-do attitude and the right people with the will and abilities to see us on top again,” Greene said. “These are the people and independent business owners I wish to help and influence.”
As for the budget, Greene said Greenville has a solid budget, but needs to be wary of expenditures that are ill advised or unnecessary to the city.

Larry Moss
Larry Moss, 60, is an English and communications instructor at Montcalm Community College and has lived in Greenville for 17 years.
Moss said because of his time in Greenville, he has seen and experienced the progress and challenges the community has faced.
“I welcome the opportunity to give back to the citizens of Greenville through continuing to serve as their voice on the Greenville City Council,” Moss said.
He has gained new insight into the city’s issues from serving on other boards and committees in the area. Moss plans to continue looking for ways to make Greenville attractive entertaining and exciting place.
Moss said Greenville has been able to maintain a  healthy fund balance, retain employees and continue to invest in the community. He believes that will be tougher in the future with continued state revenue sharing cuts and declining property values.

Kenneth Snow
Kenneth Snow, 67, is retired but currently holds the position of mayor in Greenville and has lived in Greenville for 23 years.
Snow said he is running for re-election to continue providing leadership through working with the council and city administration.
He wants to ensure a clean, safe, productive city that is responsive to citizens.
Some goals of Snow’s include continuing to support public safety, increasing recreational opportunities and having safe and effective transportation for motorists, bikers, pedestrians and bus riders.
When it comes to the budget, Snow said a declining budget could be dealt with under the right terms.

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