Children learn about conserving energy

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 2:57 pm on Thursday, November 24, 2011

Daily news/Kelli Ameling Third-grade pupils tested their skills to see what is needed to make a wind turbine. First they used a blow dryer, then moved on to a box fan. The pupils were working to produce energy to make a music box play.

GREENVILLE — Consumers Energy is teaming up with schools to teach younger pupils how to save energy.
On Wednesday, Greenville third-graders received a presentation on how they can be more energy efficient. The program encouraged teachers and pupils to think about energy, talk about energy use and think about energy needs in the future.
Yolanda Lewis of Consumers Energy said she hopes the pupils take what they learned in the classroom home to their families.
“We are excited to present to schools,” she said.
Pupils learned about different ways energy is made from coal, wind turbines, solar panels and more. They participated in hands-on activities to see how wind turbines work and what kind of wind is needed to produce energy.
The students saw a mini wind turbine in operation, which was hooked up to a box that played music. The goal was to get the music to play by making energy from the device.
First, the pupils used a blow dryer, but it did not produce enough wind. They then used a box fan to produce more wind, which generated enough energy to make the music box play.
The pupils got to take home energy boxes that included ways to save energy. They were asked to bring back a list of items their families use to save energy.
The classroom with the most participation wins a $100 mini grant from Consumers Energy.
Kitty Foyle and Gayla Reuter-Alm, presenters from the National Energy Foundation, teamed up with Consumers for the program.
“Getting younger students to understand (conserving energy), is more effective than the older students,” Foyle said. “We hope they encourage their families.”

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