Motivational speaker: Don’t fall into the illusions of life

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 12:28 pm on Monday, November 21, 2011

Tom Coverly, illusionist and motivational speaker, told Greenville High School students his life-changing story to convince them they don’t have to fall into the illusions of life. He told the students to be real and be themselves.

GREENVILLE — Tom Coverly uses his life story and illusions to motivate students to be themselves and not fall for life’s illusions.
On Wednesday, Coverly gave a presentation at Greenville High School, where he used illusions and told his life-changing story to impact the students.
“Life is full of illusions,” Coverly said. “Don’t pretend to be someone or something you’re not.”
After doing a few tricks that impressed the students, Coverly started to tell a story of a boy who was not on the right path in life. The child was doing everything from fighting to being asked to burn down houses for insurance purposes.
The boy turned out to be the story of Coverly.
Coverly became a pastor and starting doing magic at 18, realizing he had a purpose in life.
He told the students that they do not have to fit into images they see in magazines because they are not real. He added that people should be respectful to each other.
Coverly told a story of a young man who fell into these illusions and took his life. He told the students there are ways to handle these situations without going to that extent.
Sophomore Kerri Bauer said Coverly’s speech hit home for her.
“I know people like that,” Bauer said.
Coverly said he decided to speak to teens because that is that age group that seems to be hit the hardest by life’s illusions.

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