OUR VIEW: Economic unrest could hit us locally

By Daily News • Last Updated 2:33 pm on Monday, November 21, 2011

Could the occupiers of Wall Street come to Lafayette Street in Greenville? Could the riots in the streets of Athens come to the streets of Montcalm and Ionia counties?
Not likely, but you’d better pay attention to what’s happening in this world, because the results of these uprisings will affect you with certainty.

The world economy is in bad shape. Inevitably, times will get better. The concern is, whose times will get better?

Years of prosperity in America, whether real or on paper, have produced expectations – and attendant liabilities – that have promised a lot of folks smooth sailing into a brilliant sunset. Unfortunately, those high-rise standard of living and quality of life futures have been disrupted by the realities of a new economic world.

Global masses – huddled groups yearning to breathe the fresh air of a burgeoning global economy and who were willing to build it cheaper – have stepped in to decimate our country’s industrial might.

Pay attention now to multinational corporations. They are the biggies and they dominate international trade. Many of their names are longtime American companies, but their market is international. They are building new facilities and creating jobs where the emerging markets exist.

So we here now are faced with a government of politicians, some of whose partisan vision is so blinded that they are apparently willing to let America crash rather than move toward compromise and consolidation of effort. The next election is more important than their desire to ease the suffering many Americans endure today.

Believe it.

We’d like to think most of us are sick and tired of the extremes in politics. Yes, we all have personal interests at stake. Yet, we want to live together in spite of differing views and we’d like to elect leaders who have the wisdom to appreciate and accommodate our differences.

There’s never been a more appropriate or more important time to let any or all of your elected representatives know how you feel.

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