SHORT TAKES: Whose line is it anyway?

By Daily News • Last Updated 3:12 pm on Monday, November 21, 2011

Daily News columnist Maureen Burns had a great column Saturday, when she divulged the variety of ways in which her reading constituents dispatched the innumerable unwanted calls we all receive regularly. Almost all of these call are requesting money or votes.
In the early days, “parties” shared phone lines and neighbors were free to listen in on each other’s calls. Then came “private lines” … when most of the time your calls were indeed private, until the selling of phone numbers became a profit center.
Some would say that random calls into a private home would be incomprehensible from a common sense or courtesy point of view, but today the practice is totally acceptable from a politician’s mind set. So guess what we have? There’s little likelihood that our politician friends will change, but Maureen’s column has at least given us some imaginative ways to handle the pestilence.

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When we see our lifestyles being challenged in one way or another, it is nevertheless great to see that as a community we have area projects building for the future.
Our willingness to believe in the future, whether in private or pubic endeavors, is our only way out of the economic doldrums we are enduring. Spectrum Health United Memorial, our awarding-winning health system and one of the area’s biggest employers, is on time with its major expansion of emergency services and related renovations.
Progress seems to be equally satisfying for Greenville Public School’s new football stadium and other facilities.

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The stars rarely align for the Michigan State and Michigan Football programs.
But this year, Michigan State’s winning record has given them the right to play in the first-ever two-division Big Ten championship game. The Spartans will do so without having to win their season final game against Northwestern.
That’s because archrival Michigan, who lost decisively to MSU earlier this year, beat Nebraska. Nebraska, the only Big Ten team to beat MSU this year, had challenged the Spartans for division leadership. Go Green!

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