Simple ways to deck your halls

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 11:34 am on Friday, November 25, 2011

Right at Home in Rockford is the ideal shop for people looking for new way to deck their halls for the holidays. (Daily News/Kelli Ameling)

Some people go all out for the holidays — decorating their homes from floor to ceiling, putting time, money, hard work and more into creating the perfect holiday atmosphere.
Some people may be discouraged when it comes to decking their halls and not know how to begin, however.
Meg Frantz, owner of Bow Dacious Designs in Rockford, said it can be done easily with the right steps.
“First, (a person) has to decide on a color scheme,” Frantz said.
She added many people choose the traditional scheme of red, green and gold, or stick with different shades of white and gold. However, these are not the only color options to get people in the holiday spirit.
“Of course you can use all colors,” Frantz said, adding last year she decorated in blue, silver and white.
Another popular trend is using small pops of bright colors, such as purple, she said. Victorian-inspired color schemes also are in during the holiday season.
“There are many different ways a person could go,” she said.
Bobbi Calkins, owner of West 57 Design in Greenville, said choosing a color scheme or design element is the easiest way to get started.
“A person has to be consistent,” Calkins said. “It brings everything together.”
A good place to begin decorating the home is the front door, Calkins said. Having a decorated door will set the mood for the whole house.
Anything could be done to the door, including decorative balls, a wreath, garland and more.
The next step, Calkins said, would be to add smells to the house, which activates the human senses. Smells could come from potpourri, pine trees or candles.
According to Frantz, candles are the essential item for decorating during the holidays, whether the candles are burned or just set out for decoration. It’s possible to go overboard with candles but it also can be done to look tasteful, she said.
One tip when using many candles is to make sure they are a variety of heights and sizes.
“They give warmth for the holidays,” she said. “They are essential.”
When it comes to greenery, Frantz said decorators must be consistent, matching their garland, wreaths and Christmas trees.
The trees themselves are all about personal preference as far as how big or small to have them or how many, Frantz said. One year, she did a small Christmas tree on her dining room table.
Calkins said some people have different sets of tree ornaments that could be different colors.
To bring a tree together, she suggested using a garland or ribbon from the chosen color scheme to string through the tree.
To fulfill the hearing sense, Calkins suggested having holiday sounds throughout the house, such as a Christmas CD playing or jingle bells on the door handles.
“(The jingle bells) are fun for everyone,” Calkins said.
Adding a sentimental touch, Calkins said it is a great idea to have holiday cards on display. Put a colored ribbon in a doorway and paperclip the cards to it or even tuck the cards into a decorative wreath, she suggested.
Lastly, Calkins said lights and Christmas stockings are cute and easy and can be hung anywhere, including railings, in different rooms in the house, on shelves and so on.
People can get more decorating ideas from websites, magazines, books and more. Frantz said if a person sees just one item in a photo they like, they can often start with that and more than likely, it will create a domino effect.

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