MAUREEN BURNS: Turn, turn, turn

By Maureen Burns • Last Updated 1:34 pm on Monday, November 28, 2011

How wrong is it to complain at Thanksgiving time? I mean, am I missing the point?
Remember that song that went, “Turn, turn, turn…”? Well, everywhere I turn lately, there is change. I don’t like change very much. I like growth. Is there a difference here? Am I being too picky? Please don’t email me with answers to that.
I go to my church and they have changed the wording to the entire mass. I’ll be honest, I don’t like it. It seems minor and not necessary. I wonder why they are bothering when there are so many more serious things we could be addressing. I wish I had been asked to be on the committee that thought up all these changes. I have a lot of thoughts I could have given them. Perhaps I missed their call.
I think back to when the entire mass changed from Latin to English. I remember all the “older” people complaining about it. Have I become one of them? Say it ain’t so, please.
This morning during church, I leaned over and whispered to my husband. It probably came across more like a whine than a whisper. OK, so I whimpered, “These changes are driving me crazy.” To which he instantly replied, “How far was the drive?” What a smarty pants he is. I gotta say, he made me laugh out loud, which is always a good thing. I’m thankful for him.
So there are changes at church. Then I go home and grab my Sunday paper and there are changes there too. I see that soon the Grand Rapids Press will only be delivered to my door three days a week. Apparently the other four days it will be printed but I will not receive it. I don’t like this one bit. Whose idea was this? No one asked me what I thought about this either. Did I miss their call, too?
I never ever read the paper when I get it. I wait days, sometimes weeks. If I am honest, I’ve even waited months. One thing is sure, though. I always read it. Now my whole routine will be screwed up. You know the one. Go get the paper and let it pile up routine. Dang, so many change challenges to endure.
Yep, change bites. If change is so good for us, why does it feel so bad? Why does it irritate us so much? There is something to be said for the same ole same ole.
I went shopping for clothes not long ago. The store display windows were full of styles I, and some of you, have already worn in an earlier part of our lives. I swear I wore those outfits in the seventies. I refuse to buy them again, today. I always say I won’t buy anything I wore previously in my life. I mean it, too. I write this with a perfectly straight face and a sincere heart. Yet as I sit here writing this, I’m wearing a shirt that is tie died and covered with peace signs. Okay, so some things I apparently will buy. Sometimes it is hard to even understand ourselves.
There are some changes that I do like. Really, I mean it. Let’s see if I can think of some. I like the new TV season. There are a lot of good shows and some are really new and different concepts. You know, new concepts like revenge and terrorism. Me likey.
Another thing I really like these days is the warmer weather we’ve been enjoying. Bring it on! So far this warming trend feels mighty nice.
I like some of the new restaurants in the area and I like the new menus in our local Applebee’s and Big Boy. I also like that they will still make some of my old favorites, even though they no longer appear on the new menus. OK, change is good, especially when I can still hang on to the old.

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