Moreland rolls second 300, shoots 825 series

By Bruce Bentley • Last Updated 2:08 pm on Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Adam Moreland recently shot his second career 300 and a career high 825 series at Greenville Lanes.

In October, Moreland rolled his second career 300 game and finished with a career high 825 series. Moreland’s career night took place at Greenville Lanes on the Wednesday Fun League.

Both scores are not only league best scores, but house highs this season as well. Kevin Moore just shot a 300 on Wednesday to tie Moreland for season high game. Moreland’s 825 series in the third highest series ever at Greenville Lanes (827) and second highest league high series ever (Jason Ebels, 826).

The 825 series came by way of 243, 300 and 279 games. It was his second 800 series.

“It started out as just something to do. To hang out and do a guy thing,” Moreland said of bowling. “I got tired of losing so I got competitive. I opened a pro shop, wanted to win and beat everyone on the lanes. That’s been about five years now.”

Moreland bowls a few times per week on leagues and in tournaments. Right now he is averaging 208 on Wednesday nights.

“I’m only in two league night leagues and a travel league right now,” Moreland said. “I try to bowl in as many tournaments as I can on the weekends.”

Moreland admits the house shot is somewhat easy and, therefore tries to make the game harder to continue his improvement.

“We bowl in a house shot. This stuff gets kind of easy,” he said. “Week in and week out I always change equipment to make the game harder for myself. So my scores go up and down. Ideally, I want to be a legitimate tournament player. That’s my goal.”

His 825 series was shot with the Break S75 made by 900 Global.

“I was pretty numb,” Moreland said of his career night. “It was just one of those things where I didn’t see a lot going on around me. The ball was coming off clean and the pins were just falling for me.”

At one point he made 20 consecutive strikes.

“It was pretty exciting, but at the same time I try to come up here and be professional about it,” Moreland said. “Some people like to hoot and hollor. I just like to let my scores show off.”

Moreland isn’t being cocky. He has a mind frame that high scores like this are common and not a fluke as he tries to increase his presence in the bowling scene. He is just trying to be a successful, serious bowler in the area .

“When I start beating everyone in this house and everybody around me then I will get excited,” Moreland said. “Until then it’s just work. I just want to be a serious amateur bowler.”

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