OUR VIEW: Supercommittee full of Thanksgiving turkeys

By Daily News • Last Updated 1:35 pm on Monday, November 28, 2011

Americans were served up a big helping of Thanksgiving turkey this year in the form of the supercommittee appointed to stave off a federal budget deadlock. The question for most of us right now might be how much longer and for whom will Thanksgiving have real meaning?
The highly-touted group of supercommittee members was a political farce from the very beginning. The carefully hand-picked participants from each party were reliable savants who could be trusted not to deviate from their party’s primary goal: Make the other party look bad for the next election. Apparently there was no person in the group ― including our own Congressman Dave Camp, R-Midland ― willing to speak up for the millions of Americans who simply wish for stability and certainty in their government and its actions.
The committee chose partisanship over statesmanship to fulfill their party’s marching orders. Their failure to reach a compromise sends a message to America’s jobless and homeless: “You’ll just have to wait.”
When our nation desperately needs leaders who will work to stabilize and reassure the lifestyle of its citizens, our government leaders are engaged in a bitter battle to defeat their political peers at any cost.
When in a democracy is it better to have either side win it all? Somewhere along the line our leaders have lost track of the idea that in a country the size of ours, we have room for ideas from both sides of the aisle. Right now, political greed supersedes everything.
A very real danger for all Americans is that this latest Congressional failure could well wreak havoc on traditionally established economic safeguards. When the supercommittee dropped the ball, it put in gear previously established automatic across-the-board spending cuts beginning in January that would dramatically affect programs upon which so many Americans depend ― Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other programs that provide an economic floor for millions of ordinary Americans who don’t have the salary, health care and pension perks that members of Congress enjoy.
Don’t expect the danger of this threat to cause any lasting cooperation and collaboration in our legislative ranks. Expect some temporary economic patches intended to provide political cover for both sides up to the next election. After all, isn’t that what politics is all about?

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