SHORT TAKES: Fred Meijer always came home

By Daily News • Last Updated 11:05 am on Monday, November 28, 2011

Fred Meijer was a remarkable man among men — all men — of our age and of these times.
But what has meant so very much to the people of this area and the folks who claim a share of hometown status with him is that he was forever visible, accessible and one of us. He always came home to be with us on our most special occasions.
He, and the love of his life Lena, came home regularly to where the family began one of the greatest retailing operations in the world. He was lively, exciting, and with us into his 90s. We can only believe he left us on his own terms. What an understatement it is to say that we will miss him!

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Michigan’s economy appears to be improving, albeit very slowly.
We must accept any positive indications as better than the opposite, although job growth tends to be tied to wages lower than the good old days. It appears that we’re in for more struggles, though, because experts are saying that progress will be slow at best and government funds will be scarce without additional taxes.

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Michigan already has cities whose public sector financial liabilities are swamping available income.
The specter of emergency managers taking over failing governments is indeed distressing, but when a city cannot pay its bills what’s the alternative? Somebody gets stuck with the bill, and the losing community, including its contracts that cannot be fulfilled must somehow pay the price.
Reality TV entertains people, but it’s only storytelling. Realities of the real world have price tags and excessive commitments by local governments are liabilities that must ultimately be dealt with by their citizens.

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