Meeting in Brief: Eureka Township

By Daily News • Last Updated 10:48 am on Thursday, December 22, 2011

Name of board: Eureka Charter Township Board.
Reporting official: Clerk Linda Ruwersma.
Meeting date: Dec. 12.
Actions taken:
1. Approved board minutes from the Nov. 14 regular board meeting with change.
2. Approved treasurer’s report showing balance of $565,066.68 as of Nov. 30.
3. Approved payment of e-bills 170-176 and checks 12331-12386, for a total of $88,701.31.
4. Approved amending zoning ordinance number 79, section 3.19 keeping of animals, B. Chart-minimum acreage to read as followed: 25 poultry-three acres, additional poultry for each additional acre you may add 10 more poultry. C. keeping of chickens on lots under three acres, with the following addition: five chickens on any lot under one acre and on each acre up to three acres with a cap at 15 chickens; and for a parcel of three acres or more, 10 additional poultry per acre.
5. Approved amending zoning ordinance number 79, section 2.16 definitions-p poultry to read as followed: A category of domesticated birds kept by humans for the purpose of collecting their eggs, or raising for their meat and/or feathers. For purposes of this ordinance, the term poultry will include chickens, quails, guinea fowls, turkeys, ducks, domestic geese, peacocks and game birds such as pheasants, pigeons, and doves, etc.
6. Approved amending zoning ordinance number 79, section 6.6 animals and poultry-number of acres, B, to read as followed, 25 poultry-three acres, additional poultry-each additional acre you may add 10 more poultry.
7. Approved disaster plan for Eureka Township.
8. Approved banks for 2012 as follows: Fifth Third Bank, Huntington Bank, Isabella Bank and Trust, Chemical Bank Montcalm, Choice One, and Cutwater Investments Management.
9. Approved monthly board meeting dates, time and place for 2012 as followed: 7 p.m. the second Monday of each month at Eureka Township Hall, 9322 S. Greenville Road, Greenville.
10. Approved board of review dates for 2012 as followed: March 6, 13 and 14; July 17; and Dec. 11.
11. Approved maintenance for 2012 as followed: Linda Ruwersma to clean hall, Greenville Lawn Care for snow removal and Jon Kooi for lawn care at the hall and cemetery.
12. Approved attorneys for 2012 as followed: Richard Palmer, Bauckham, Sparks, Rolfe, Lohrstorfer and Thall, PC, and Law, Weathers and Richardson, PC.
13. Approved Abraham and Gaffney, PC, to perform the 2011 audit.
14. Approved the proposed 2012 budget.
15. Approved an outside lock box for an entry key not to exceed $150.
16. Approved amending zoning ordinance number 79, section 3.8 accessory buildings, structures and uses, C5. Changing the chart to read as followed: maximum accessory building height on lots 1.5 acres or larger to 35 feet with no restriction on square footage.
17. Approved the proposed Eureka Township Road Millage Renewal wording for the Feb. 28 ballot.

Discussion items:
1. Greenville Transit report showed 256 runs into the township for November.
2. Received reports from the planning commission, sheriff, zoning and library.
3. Michigan Township Association meeting and dinner rescheduled for Dec. 13.
4. Proposed countywide sheriff millage on Feb. 28, 2012, ballot.
5. Regulatory ordinance number 84 mining for Eureka Township.
Members present: Supervisor Laura Shears, Clerk Linda Ruwersma, Treasurer Cindy Hanson, Trustees, Marty Posekany, Brian Zayler, and Rod Roy
Members absent: Elaine Pendrick
Next regular meeting: 7 p.m. Jan. 9
For more information: Contact Supervisor Laura Shears.

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