Lakeview 2-0, Central Montcalm 1-1 in league quad

By Bruce Bentley • Last Updated 10:52 am on Thursday, January 12, 2012

Central Montcalm’s Jesse Judge wrestles against Dakota Gogolowski of Reed City during Wednesday’s CSAA quad at Lakeview. Judge pinned Gogolowski in 3:06.

LAKEVIEW — The Lakeview Wildcats wrestling team hosted its only home league match of the season and did not disappoint the home crowd.

The Wildcats went 2-0 in the CSAA quad with victories over Morley Stanwood (57-21) and Reed City (51-24). Lakeview improved to 14-4 with the wins.

Lakeview is now the No. 10 rated team in Division 3 according to The new rankings were released Wednesday.

Central Montcalm was the fourth team in Lakeview on Wednesday. The Hornets lost their first match to Reed City (50-30) and defeated Morley Stanwood (58-18).

Morley Stanwood wasn’t a difficult draw for either team due to multiple voids.

In between matches, the 1981 Lakeview Wildcats wrestling team was honored with a 30th anniversary celebration for its Class C state runnerup finish.

“We wrestled pretty good. It was nice to do it with all the alumni here,” Blaser said. “We were disappointed Saturday (3-2) because we have high goals. We wanted to come out here and win two tonight in our only home quad.”

Peter Betten (119 pounds), Robbie Robbert (125), Andrew Hall (135), Terry Grieser (145), Garrett Cavendish (152), Jordan Betham (160), Koty Burgess (171/189) and Gus Ward (215/285) all won twice.

In a close match, Ward earned a 4-3 victory over Matt MacDonald with a couple of points late.

“I rushed a little bit. I really wanted to get that win for the team before the time ran out,” Ward said. “I didn’t want it to go to overtime. I’ve been wrestling pretty good.”

The Wildcats will be home Saturday for their own six-team invitational.

“We kept focus with all the stuff and distractions going on, so that was nice,” Blaser said. “We are really looking forward to this weekend’s home invitational. Hopefully, we can win that. Last year, it slipped away.”

The Central Montcalm Hornets started the night with Reed City. The match was close to the end.

Reed City led 26-12 before the Hornets’ Jon MacDonald (145) and Dakota James (152) earned back-to-back pins.

The Coyotes responded with two consecutive pins before Jesse Judge grabbed a second round pin for Central Montcalm.

“It went a little worse than I thought it would be. I thought it would be a faster match,” Judge said. “I got to high the one time and he almost got me. He put his head down and I took advantage. When you put your head in the mat your almost asking for a half and I stuck him.”

The Hornets trailed 38-30 with two matches to go, but lost both by pins.

Winning two matches for Central Montcalm was Cody Veltkamp (103), Jayson Beckley (130), MacDonald (145) and James (152).

Veltkamp continued his perfect record (12-0) with a pair of wins.

“I wrestled good. It was a little tough in the beginning. I didn’t quite have my wits about me,” Veltkamp said. “I calmed down and started wrestling smart. I finished strong.

Central Montcalm will travel to the Gladwin Invitational on Saturday.


Lakeview 57, Morley Stanwood 21

103: Koehn (MS) dec. Schwartz (L), 6-0

112: Murtland (MS) pinned Davy (L), 5:12

119: Betten (L)won by void

125: Robbert (L)won by void

130: Highey (MS) pinned Ganbat (L), 4:52

135: Hall (L) won by void

140: Munoz (L) won by void

145: Grieser (L) won by void

152: G. Cavendish (L) pinned Near (MS), 1:15

160: Betham (L) pinned Vondes (MS), 3:41

171: Burgess (L) won by void

189: Malloy (MS) pinned Main (L), 3:26

215: Ward (L) dec. Inman (MS), 9-3

285: Black (L) won by void

Lakeview 54, Reed City 21

112: Stieg (RC) pinned Schwartz (L), 1:08

119: Betten (L) pinned Jobes (RC), 3:15

125: Robbert (L) pinned Ward (RC), :57

130: Ganbat (L) major dec. Schnedt (RC), 14-3

135: Hall (L) pinned Micek (RC), 1:00

140: Kehr (RC pinned Munoz (L), 5:43

145: Grieser (L) pinned Jones (RC), 3:10

152: G. Cavendish (L) major dec. Green (RC), 10-2

160: Betham (L) pinned Rolston (RC), 2:21

171: Reed (RC) pinned D. Cavendish (L), :54

189: Burgess (L) major dec. Goglowski (RC), 13-3

215: Main (L) pinned French (RC), :55

285: Ward (L) dec. MacDonald, 4-3

103: Magahey (RC) pinned Davy (L), 3:28

Reed City 50, Central Montcalm 30

103: Veltkamp (CM) pinned Magahey (RC), 5:23

112: Stieg (RC) pinned Aldarado (CM), 2:57

119: Jobes (RC) pinned Johnson (CM), 1:08

125: Ward (RC) pinned Bupp (CM), 3:03

130: Beckley (CM) pinned Schnedt (RC), 2:20

135: Kehr (RC) tech fall Fancett (CM), 22-7

140: Jones (RC) dec. Rydahl (CM), 19-15

145: MacDonald (CM) pinned Case (RC), 5:07

152: James (CM) pinned Shyrock (RC), 2:44

160: Rolston (RC) pinned Loew (CM), 1:17

171: Reed (RC) pinned Jones (CM), :36

189: Judge (CM) pinned Gogolowski (RC), 3:06

215: French (CM) pinned Rockafellow (CM), 1:44

285: MacDonald (RC) pinned Kindle (CM), 2:37

C. Mont. 58, Morley Stanwood 18

112: Murtland (MS) pinned Jackson (CM), 5:23

119: Aldarado (CM) won by void

125: Bupp (CM) won by void

130: Beckley (CM) dec. Highey (MS), 7-4

135: Fancett (CM) won by void

140: Rydahl (CM) won by void

145: MacDonald (CM) won by void

152: James (CM) major dec. Near (MS), 14-1

160: Vondes (MS) pineed Loew (CM), 1:57

171: Jones (CM) won by void

189: Malloy (MS) dec. Judge (CM), 11-4

215: Inman (MS) pinned Rockafellow (CM), 3:42

285: Kindle (CM) won by void

103: Veltkamp (CM) pinned Koehn (MS), 2:46


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