No business like ‘Show’ business

By Ed Gilbert • Last Updated 12:52 am on Saturday, January 14, 2012

There are so many outdoor-styled shows coming up in Michigan that I can’t imagine anyone trying to attend all of them. But they’re starting soon and I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention those that are going to take place in our territory.

The first show I want to mention is the annual Huntin’ Time Expo, which takes place at the Delta Plex Jan. 27-29. A friend and show promoter, Tom Antor, says this will be one of his finest shows ever. And Tom’s show isn’t just about hunting, it has about everything an outdoor-minded person could hope to see. The show will have the usual hunting and fishing booths and equipment, along with some new items that will include a “Puppy Alley,” and the actual grilling of game by “The Grilling Guys.” There will be a fishing contest that includes a real surprise for the winner.

I’ve attended the Huntin’ Time Expo for many years and I’d put it first on your list as well. For additional information on the show you may call (616) 887-7210 or hit The second show I want to mention is the Grand Rapids Camper, Travel and RV Show. It takes place at DeVos Place Feb. 2-5 and will feature hundreds of camping units and associated equipment. If you’re thinking of getting a new camping vehicle, this could be the show for you.

Feb. 15-19 will be another of my favorite shows. It is the Grand Rapids Boat Show and will also take place at DeVos Place. I’ll likely be there looking about for another fishing boat, as my empty boat trailer sits rusting away in my back yard.

For additional information you may call (800) 328-6550 or go to

For those who are shooters and knife enthusiasts, the Grand Rapids Gun and Knife Show is coming to the Delta Plex Feb. 25-26. You may visit for additional information, but this is a huge show that is very well attended each year, and you won’t be disappointed by taking it in.

Now, I know I’m extending out in time here, but there is one more item I’d like to tell you about. That is the Ultimate Sport Show and that will also be staged at DeVos Place March 15-18. Believe me, if you missed anything at any of the other shows, you will find it here. For more information you may call (800) 328-6550 or go to

There now, that’s just a little bit on some of the more local outdoor shows that will be in our area from now into March. Of course there are many other outdoor shows taking place around the state, but with all those being held nearby, why use up time and gas when we can see it all right here?

That’s about all I can say about the great “Show Business” that’s coming soon. Besides, I’ve got to think about that boat I’m going to be looking for. See you in the woods or on the waters… or maybe at a show!

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