Belding dominates Coopersville bowlers

By Chip Burch • Last Updated 10:04 am on Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Belding’s Mercedes Settlemyre throws a practice shot before facing Coopersville Monday.

BELDING — Belding’s bowling teams continued a march toward the postseason conference tournament next month with a strong performance Monday night.

The Redskin boys knocked off Coopersville 24-6 while the girls defeated the Broncos 23-7.

“Coopersville has been a good competitor for us,” Belding coach Ernie Cox said. “This is only the third or fourth year they have been in our conference with a bowling program. They have some kids that have come along and are getting better over the last three of four years.”

Both Belding teams started slow by losing their first Baker games, which are single games bowled by five rotating players bowling two frames each. The Broncos won the first boys game 157-146 and the Coopersville girls won their first game 129-104.

But Belding came on strong on both sides of Hillcrest Lanes in the second game, as the boys strung together seven strikes to shoot a 252 to Coopersville’s 175. Belding’s girls won 152-88.

“Baker games have not been one of our strongest points,” Cox said. “We’ve been able to handle it, but our individual games, the boys seem to excel. It really boggles the coach’s mind.”

From then on, Belding’s boys lost just three of 10 individual games. They are now 2-1 in the O-K Blue Conference.

“Our boys are something else this year,” Cox said. “I’ve got a very veteran boys team. The seven juniors and the two seniors, they’ve been together ever since they could throw the ball in the Saturday morning junior leagues. It seems like it takes them a while to get going.”

That included Jacob Spencer stringing together seven strikes in his first individual game and throwing a 236.

“He’s one of our captains on the boys team,” Cox said. “Jacob Spencer is a very, very well-rounded bowler. He knows how to play the down-and-in shot, he knows how to swing it. He knows how to manage the lanes. I expect him to be the in the top three in the conference this year.”

The girls lost just four of 10 matches in individual games, running their record in the O-K Blue Conference to 3-0.

“Coopersville girls are still a little on the weak side,” Cox said. “The girls (Belding) are young and energetic. I’ve got two freshmen in the starting lineup each week. They’ve been progressing very well.”

Next up for Belding is a home match against Grand Rapids Forest Hills Northern Monday at Hillcrest Lanes.


Boys: Belding 24, Coopersville 6

Baker games

Coopersville (Palma, Fase, Walt, Landon, Degroat) def. Belding (Robinson, Zahm, Spencer, Christensen, Hall) 157-146.

Belding (Robinson, Zahm, Spencer, Christensen, Hall) def. Coopersville (Palma, Fase, Smith, Walt, Degroat) 252-175.

Total: Belding def. Coopersville 398-332.

Individual games

Game 1 Robinson (B) def. Palma 208-138. Zahm (B) def. Fase 175-129. Spencer (B) def. Landon 236-179. Christensen (B) def. Landon 186-165. Hall (B) def. Degroat 212-151. Total: Belding def. Coopersville 1,017-762.

Game 2 Palma (C) def. Robinson 193-166. Laux (B) def. Smith 158-136. Spencer (B) def. Landon 194-164. Christensen (B) def. Walt 223-152. Degroat (C) def. Hall 164-162. Total: Belding def. Coopersville 903-809.

Individual games total: Belding def. Coopersville 1,920-1,571.

Girls: Belding 23, Coopersville 7

Baker games

Coopersville (Fairbanks, Schaefer, Milligan, Luther, Reminga) def. Belding (Robach, Jenks, Thompson, Laux, Settlemyre) 129-104

Belding (Robach, Jenks, Thompson, Laux, Settlemyre) def. Coopersville (Fairbanks, Schaefer, Milligan, Skestone, Reminga) 152-89.

Total: Belding def. Coopersville 256-218.

Individual games

Game 1 Robach (B) def. Milligan 146-114. Schaefer (C) def. Gorby 166-112. Reminga (C) def. Thompson (150-142. Laux (B) def. Luther 189-123. Settlemyre (B) def. Fairbanks 119-103. Total: Belding def. Coopersville 708-656.

Game 2 Robach (B) def. Skestone 160-138. Gorby (B) def. Mervenne 97-89. Luther (C) def. Jenks 128-122. Laux (B) def. Schaefer 160-101. Settlemyre (B) def. Reminga 168-116. Total: Belding def. Coopersville 707-572.

Individual games total: Belding def. Coopersville 1, 415-1,228.

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