OUR VIEW: Gun possession is reasonable, so is tracking

By Daily News • Last Updated 11:13 am on Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Congressman Justin Amash, R-Cascade, who happens to be the congressional representative of a substantial number of readers of this newspaper, has recently expressed opposition to federal government tracking of purchasers of two or more multiple automatic assault weapons.

When it comes to the American government’s regulation of firearms, don’t expect the matter to be resolved amicably or peaceably in our lifetimes. Arguments over the constitutionality of various types and circumstances of weapons possession will no doubt bolster the incomes of lawyers for decades.

People who don’t particularly like guns, or simply don’t wish to have them in their homes, have a hard time understanding why anyone would want an automatic assault rifle, much less two or more in their homes.

Other folks, gun lovers or not, see guns from other points of view. They can be protectors of life and liberty. Guns are collectibles. They can be good investments. But most of all, guns are recreational to hunters and target shooters. Why else does most of Michigan pause, including public schools, on Nov. 15, the opening of deer hunting season?

Congressman Amash has been a strict follower of the United States Constitution. We respect that. The Constitution was ratified Sept. 13, 1788. Even then, America’s leaders acknowledged the document was less than perfect. Consider the challenge that 21st century weapons technology poses to “a more perfect union” presenting dilemmas unforeseen 224 years ago.

The proliferation of guns in a society striving to become more civil presents just one more dilemma. Guns are part of American life and a reasonable item for anyone to possess. But the situation begs the question — with respect to serious professionals and collectors — why object to registration? And for the rest of us, why would anyone want to have more than one automatic assault weapon in their home?

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