VIDEO: A game to remember … and now you can.

Posted by Cory Smith • Last Updated 10:54 pm on Monday, February 13 2012

------ Cory Smith ------- Daily News staff writer

What I witnessed Friday night sitting on the floor of the North Gymnasium at Greenville High School, staring through the lens of my Digital SLR camera, was one of the most entertaining high school basketball games I’ve ever been a part of.

OK, so I was as much a part of it as an objective videographer sitting on the baseline can be, but either way – the game that occured Friday night was one that should not have been missed by anyone.

Unfortunately, there are only so many seats available for spectators who were crammed onto either set of bleachers within the gym.

Greenville's Chris Mickey takes a last second shot near the buzzer.

And so I took the time to edit together this video, featuring every basket made by both the Yellow Jackets and Eagles of Grand Rapids Christian, with the exception of most free throws (you really want to watch that?) – from tip-off to the final whistle (and then some).

If you were delayed by the weather or simply couldn’t make it to Friday night’s game of the week (according to almost EVERY West Michigan media outlet) then I encourage you to sit down and watch this 16-minute video.

Trust me … you just might feel like you were sitting court-side right underneath the basket with a bag of popcorn … in fact, take a break for a second and go make some microwave popcorn – this game was better than any current sports movie in theaters and it deserves to be watched while eating a snack.

Oh, and I’d recommend watching the video in 720 HD resolution. You can change the settings in the bottom panel of the youtube video above.

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