Greenville middle-school student has opportunity to travel to overseas

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 11:28 pm on Friday, February 17, 2012

McKailey Bathurst

Big Boy fundraiser
What: With a flyer, 15 percent of entire meal purchase will go to McKailey Bathurst for her Tale of Two Cities trip.
When: From 6:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., Friday March 2.Go to and search Educational Experience of a Lifetime. Each pledge will receive a gift from the Bathurst family.

GREENVILLE – Only one student from Montcalm County has been accepted to participate in the Tale of Two Cities program for the summer of 2012.

McKailey Bathurst, 11, was nominated to take part in the People to People Student Ambassador program, which will allow her to travel to England and France.

“These are places I always wanted to go,” Bathurst said.

Bathurst will be traveling with about 40 fifth- and sixth-grade students from June 29 through July 12.

The students will be opened to a unique cultural experience through being at the Tower of London, walking the beaches of Normandy, climbing the Eiffel Tower, looking at works of art at the  Louvre and meeting a member of Parliament.

“I am most excited about the Eiffel Tower,” Bathurst said. “It’s a place I have always wanted to go.”

A friend of Bathurst gave her a necklace with the Eiffel Tower on it after finding out she was accepted into the program.
Bathurst received a letter in August notifying the family she had nominated for the program, said her mother Lindsey Bathurst.

McKailey and Lindsey Bathurst attended an orientation meeting for the program that allowed them to ask questions.
An interview was then set up for McKailey Bathurst, where they asked her questions regarding why she wanted to be accepted into the program.

A very short time later, the Bathursts found out she was accepted and the planning started to get her ready for her trip.
At first, Lindsey Bathurst said they were a little nervous about letting McKailey Bathurst participate in the program.
She said she asked numerous questions about safety precautions and exactly what will be taking place.

After doing research and talking with families of students who have gone in the past, she said they felt a lot better about letting her go.

“What a better way to learn about the world outside of a textbook,” Lindsey Bathurst said.
McKailey Bathurst said she has a lot to do before she leaves.

“They gave me homework,” McKailey Bathurst said.

To prepare for the trip, she has to learn about the history of England and France while continuing to learn about the history of the United States.

McKailey Bathurst is also working on a report about the Royal Family.

Outside of homework, she also has monthly meeting she attends to help prepare for the trip.

“We are excited,” Lindsey Bathurst said. “She will be the first in our family to go (to England and France).”

When she is not in school, studying or doing extracurricular activities she is holding fundraisers to help pay for the trip.
The program’s tuition is $4,999, which includes transportation, accommodations, meals and educational activities.

Some of her fundraisers include selling candy bars, sending letters to sponsors, on online campaign, restaurant deals and more.

“I want to go so I can promote peace,” McKailey Bathurst said. “If there is no peace, everyone goes to war.”

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