GUEST VIEW: Sheriff’s millage key to local public safety

By Daily News • Last Updated 11:20 am on Tuesday, February 21, 2012

By The Greenville Police Officers Association of Michigan

On Feb. 28, the citizens of Montcalm County have the opportunity to support a millage request to maintain the road patrol function for the Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office.

This letter supports the effort to pass this proposal.

The Greenville Police Officers Association of Michigan chapter fully endorses the proposed millage and feels the necessity to maintain the safety and policing of this county is dependent on passing this critical levy request.

As partners in law enforcement within this county, we fully believe it is essential to ratify such a millage to continue the service necessary to residents and visitors in Montcalm County. Maintaining road patrol services is an obligation to our county and communities. Without successful passing of the millage request, responses to critical or violent crimes will be diminished. Due to lack of staffing, civil or common requests for services will experience significant delays as well.

When citizens call 911 or request services from the sheriff’s office, they expect a quick, reasonable response time. Denying this millage may lead to slower responses due to lack of available resources.

Moreover, the Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office assists local officers and municipalities as a whole with additional services above and beyond the capabilities able to be offered by local agencies. Many times, sheriff road patrol officers assist local law enforcement agencies with criminal complaint investigation or respond to support local police officers with ongoing hostile situations. This partnership will be maintained and strengthened by supporting the millage proposal.

Routinely working hand-in-hand with Montcalm County Sheriff deputies, Greenville Public Safety Officers recognize that ratifying this millage will continue the commitment to safety in the city of Greenville and Eureka Township area, as well as continue the current collaboration between the two agencies. Even though both departments are separate entities, each department operates within the premise of a working partnership and teamwork initiative in solving crimes and providing preventative, proactive patrol practices. Losing sheriff road patrol officers would diminish this partnership to battle crime in the Greenville area and stymie mutual patrol efforts already pooled between the two organizations.

The Greenville Police Officers Association of Michigan chapter completely supports the Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office road patrol millage, and encourages all county and municipal residents to do the same.

Keeping a sheriff road patrol positively facilitates public safety and continues to provide a proactive response to crime within our county. We encourage everyone in Montcalm County to vote “yes” on the millage in February.

President Josh McConkie, Vice President Martin Obetts, Secretary-Treasurer Brian Blomstrom and the rest of the Greenville Department of Public Safety POAM Chapter

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