Brightening up downtown Carson City

By Jessica Beery • Last Updated 12:21 pm on Thursday, February 23, 2012

CARSON CITY — The streets of downtown Carson City will be shining a little brighter for a lot less wattage with the planned installation of new street lamp fixtures down Main Street.
Medler Electric of Alma will be installing new 150-watt fixtures to all 28 poles lining Main Street. This new “bulb-style” induction lighting will replace the more fragile double 175-watt fixtures that were part of the street posts installed within the last decade.

The old double-bulb fixtures at the top of the 28 street lights lining Main Street in downtown Carson City will soon disappear for new single bulb fixtures designed for more durability and energy efficiency. (Gazette/Jessica Beery)

“Anytime heavy machinery, like snowplows would go down the street, the vibrations would shake the bulbs until they broke,” said City Administrator Mark Borden. “We would constantly be fixing them.”
Borden said the new lights, featuring better technology and better design should save the city money and efforts with reduced wattage and less maintenance.
“They are just as bright as the old ones,” Borden said.
A test-fixture was installed on the street post in front of the Carson City Hall, giving city officials and residents a chance to see the new light in action.
“I’m not sure how many people even noticed the change,” said Borden with a chuckle.
After testing the fixture with a 100-watt bulb, city officials decided to go with the 150-watt bulbs.
“The 100-watt would have been adequate, but not quite as brilliant,” Borden said.
Street and Sidewalk Committee officials said the entire project was bid out for $17,800, under the budgeted amount of $19,000 given to the city from Renaissance Power for the project.
“This should not cost anything out of the general budget,” said Mayor Bruce Tasker.
Borden said Medler Electric plans to start replacing fixtures in the days ahead.

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