Crystal Township Board salary pay cut motion dies

By Elisabeth Waldon • Last Updated 12:11 pm on Thursday, February 23, 2012

CRYSTAL TOWNSHIP — A Crystal Township Board member thinks his colleagues need a pay cut, but they disagree.
Jerry Stone made a motion at the Feb. 8 board meeting to reduce the annual salaries of board members by 5 percent. The motion died due to lack of support.
“My thoughts were both philosophical and economical,” Stone said. “The gist of it is a lot of people in the township are out of work, a lot of people in the township are suffering economically.”
Clerk Bob Naumann and Treasurer Dennis Lance both earn $9,000 annually.
Supervisor Charlie Braman currently earns $6,000 annually.
Trustees Curt McCracken and Stone both earn $1,860 annually, not including per diems for special meetings.
Braman said the timing wasn’t right for Stone’s motion. Naumann elaborated even further.
“I don’t know when the township board received its last salary increase, but it hasn’t been in this decade,” Naumann said. “The treasurer collects summer taxes, which essentially doubles his work. As clerk, I have elections all over the place now. For the hours I find myself putting in and the hours I see the treasurer putting in, I think we deserve a pay increase.
“I’m willing to keep working at my currently salary, but there’s no way I want to take pay cut,” Naumann added. “I think a decent salary attracts quality people.”
McCracken said he and Stone are paid enough for their trustee positions, but he thinks the supervisor, clerk and treasurer positions are “a little underpaid.”
Stone said he’s not sure what action — if any — he will take now that the salary reduction motion has died.

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