Montcalm Community College gets site plan approval

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 5:53 pm on Friday, February 24, 2012

GREENVILLE – Montcalm Community College (MCC) is able to move forward with its expansion of the Greenville campus.

During Thursday night’s Greenville Planning Commission meeting, the commission approved MCC’s final site plan and a land use permit under certain conditions.

MCC will have to address comments from City Engineer Doug Hinken and Main Street Planning Company’s Tim Johnson regarding the site plan, along with entering into an agreement with the city of Greenville and Greenville Public Schools regarding Yellow Jacket Drive.

MCC also has to abide by Special Land Use General Standards and Site Plan Review Approval Standards.

“If conditions are resolved, I think we are ready (to move forward),” said Assistant City Manager Cameron Van Wyngarden.


Johnson’s comments

City ordinance requires one parking spot for every two students. Currently, the site plan shows 132 spaces for its 470 students. Deferred spaces are allowed by the commission if the spaces can be accommodated on the site and illustrated on the site plan. The site plan should either show deferred spaces or the actual number required — 235.

Johnson’s comments stated storm water management measures need to be approved by Hinken.

The wind turbine and solar equipment must follow city ordinances and a wind turbine taller than 50 feet will be a separate special land use permit.

MCC will need to show the location of any outdoor dumpsters and the method of screenings on the site plan.

The plan should indicate the purpose of the drive between the MCC building and the M-TEC building.


Yellow Jacket Drive

MCC has been working with Greenville Public Schools, the city of Greenville and local officials about the future of Yellow Jacket Drive, which will run between the new MCC building and Greenville High School.

The original plans of the expansion included Yellow Jacket Drive being extended around the future MCC parking lot and connecting to a private drive. However, concerns over the cost pulled that part of the project out of the plans.

“We have a plan A and plan B and working with state officials,” Van Wyngarden said about cost coverage of the drive.

The agreement for Yellow Jacket Drive will ensure that the drive will be completed in the future.

Johnson said city staff will have to approve a revised site plan that includes the extension of Yellow Jacket Drive.



The expansion will consist mainly of a new 17,000-square-foot building, about the same size as its current building in Greenville.

The college hopes the building will receive LEED certification at the silver level.
“First and foremost it is a very green building,” Ferrentino said at the planning commission meeting in January.

MCC plans to have the new building up and running in about a year.

Commissioner Ron Blanding is very grateful for the expansion MCC is doing in Greenville.

“I think the city of Greenville needs to be thankful (MCC) is doing this,” Blanding said. “It couldn’t be better.”

The commissioners echoed their agreement.


Greenville City Engineer Doug Hinken’s comments regarding MCC:


· The final, approved sets of plans need to be sealed by a professional engineer and the preliminary label removed from the sheets.

· The road right of way and water main easement documents need to be prepared with a description to match the plan and be executed and recorded before obtaining the occupancy permit

· A note or detail needs to be added to the site plan to clarify the differences from catch basins 11 and 13 from other catch basins, or  the drawings changed to be consistent.

· The note for sanitary manhole 1 conflicts with another note.

· The designer needs to prepare an application for water main extension fro the MDEQ Drinking Water Unit, as well as three copies of revised sheet C 201.

· Because thickness on the site plan do not match, it appears the HMA applications rate for the heavy duty pavement was copied from the alternative number 2 detail.

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