OUR VIEW: Schools right to move ahead with technology

By Daily News • Last Updated 11:34 am on Thursday, March 01, 2012

Area K-12 school systems are moving into a brave new world of education that holds great promise for students, but undoubtedly will require considerable trial and error on the road to unqualified success.

There is absolutely no reason schools should not use the latest technology as learning tools, because whether they do, students will be occupied with today’s communications devices. We’re talking here about the use of smart phones, e-readers, tablets, the Internet, and extended technologies to make education more available to students on a 24/7, student-to-student, student-to-teacher, and group-to-group basis.

The prolificacy of modern cell phone, tablet and portable computer capabilities technology opens the door to unlimited exploration of and study for students willing and/or needing to an unrestricted ability to explore specific subjects.

An especially positive example of these capabilities is Greenville’s Mobile One to One project. The system allows students via hand-held devices to address the school’s network for educational purposes. Networking with other students, teachers and the Internet maximizes the opportunity for students to study and learn at paces and schedules that work best for them.

Putting the vast power of 21st century communications technology in the hands of willing students shows that our school leaders are on top of an emerging world of education. We salute them for embracing the challenge, and turning the issue to a positive adventure for our young people.

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