Greenville schools soon to be WiFi compatible

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 12:51 pm on Friday, March 02, 2012

Greenville Public Schools Director of Technology Leeanne Eyer uses the new WiFi on her tablet during the WiFi testing stage at Greenville Public Schools. (Daily News/Kelli Ameling)

GREENVILLE — Greenville Public Schools (GPS) is making another advancement in the classroom to help achieve teaching and learning without boundaries.
Currently, GPS is working to have WiFi devices running in all the buildings, according to Director of Technology Leeanne Eyer.
The WiFi devices will replace GPS’s hardwired network it is currently using.
Installing WiFi was part of the Tech Plan that was designed by GPS’s District Steering Committee.
The committee is made up of GPS administration, teachers, support staff, students, parents and community members, Eyer said.
The Tech Plan is designed to increase access to information for the students of GPS.
“This is one way we are addressing this,” she said of the Tech Plan. “This is also on other way to meet the goal of teaching and learning without boundaries.”
GPS Superintendent Pete Haines said over a few years, this has been a vision of a large group of technology leaders in the district.
He stressed this upgrade is to help students advance in learning.
“It’s most important to understand that we are not implementing technology for the sake of technology itself, but only as it can offer new learning paths for students,” Haines said.
The WiFi devices have been installed in all the buildings, and are still being tested in different stages.
Eyer said the guest network that will allow for personally owned devices to be used to access only the Internet and be filtered the same as students are currently will be filtered, is currently being tested.
“The technology department wants to assure that all is working well before it’s rolled out to staff and students to reduce frustration,” Eyer said.
The final phase on the installation process is scheduled to be complete in the fall of 2012.

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