Greenville planners OK rezoning request

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 7:18 pm on Friday, March 23, 2012

GREENVILLE — A Greenville resident has been working with the Planning Commission to see his property rezoned to be able to bring his residency up-to-date.

Steve Reynolds came to the Planning Commission on Thursday evening to see about having his property rezoned from commercial (C2) to residential (R2). He brought a petition with signatures from most of his fellow property owners agreeing with the switch.

Reynolds wants to renovate his property, but under commercial zoning, he cannot do that. Also, by going to residential, it makes it easier for owners to get loans and mortgages.

“I own five lots and I have been unable to fix them up because of restrictions with zoning,” Reynolds told the Planning Commission. “I am in favor of rezoning to R2 to bring the houses into this century.”

During Thursday night’s Planning Commission meeting, about 10 residents voiced their opinion during a public hearing.

Property owners in the area of North Irving, Osmun, Coffren, Congress, Barnard and Charles and 300 feet around the area received invitations to the meeting regarding this topic.

Al Plaskhat asked how or if the rezoning will affect property taxes for those parcels.

Assistant City Manager Cameron Van Wyngarden said the change from C2 to R2 will not affect property taxes. However, property taxes might change if changes, such as adding on to a house, are made to the property.

One resident pointed out his parcels were split with some in the area to be rezoned to residential while others were going to be kept zoned how they are now. The resident asked the Planning Commission to make his parcels all zoned the same way, whether it be C2 or R2.

The Planning Commission agreed and will make changes to go around his property leaving it zoned the way it is.

“Besides a few minor adjustments, I think we have the right plan,” Vice Chairman Mike Gustin said.

The Planning Commission voted to recommend the area for rezoning with a few minor changes to the Greenville City Council.

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