Greenville Public Schools construction project on schedule (Photo Gallery)

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 12:25 pm on Monday, March 26, 2012

Players and band members will enter the field via a tunnel entrance in the north end zone of the stadium. Fans will have the opportunity to stand and watch from the concourse immediately above the tunnel. — Daily News/Cory Smith

GREENVILLE — The Greenville Public Schools bond project is coming along well, but there are still many things to finish before the new school year begins.

“At this point, I am only hearing excitement,” said Superintendent Pete Haines of comments made by school officials. “Certainly, much focus is on the stadium, which has our athletes and band members all a buzz.”

Marty Schultz, project manager from Clark Construction, is in charge of the project. Schultz has kept Greenville school officials well informed on progress and development, according to Haines.

“Often he provides expertise that has shaped components of the construction project to protect or even enhance functionality while keeping the total project financially sound,” Haines said. “With the project clearly and comfortably on or even ahead of schedule and the budget within boundaries, we are very pleased.”

Tennis courts

The tennis courts are in full swing.

“Our tennis team is already using the new facilities and are very proud of the facilities,” Haines said.
Trees and heavy-duty fence have been placed around the courts to protect from the wind, grass has been planted and lighting has been installed.

“The lighting is up for security only, not to hold games at night,” Schultz said.

Grandstand seating still needs to be place between the courts.

Greenville High School students are working on drawing plans and constructing a gazebo to be built by the tennis courts.

Baseball field

On Wednesday, cement was poured into storage closets and dugouts at the junior varsity baseball field.

The field used to be located where Legacy Field is being built, but is now located to the west of the stadium.

Schultz said fencing around the field will be placed soon.

Roads and parking lots

Roads will be constructed throughout the bond project along with parking lots. Schultz said dirt has already been put down and used to develop the roads.

“This way the dirt gets packed down and it will last a lot longer,” Schultz said.

With the new roads and parking lots, buses and students will no longer cross paths in the parking lot.
A road will be constructed from the middle school to the high school as a one-way bus route and there will be a separate place where cars can go to pick up students.

Legacy Field

The main highlight of the bond project is Legacy Field, which will be located between the high school and the middle school.

Masonry work has been done to the field house with cement already laid in parts. Once construction is complete, rubber flooring will be place throughout the field house.

Schultz said the new field house will include junior varsity locker rooms, along with a varsity locker room, which will include a projector so the team can watch video before, during and after the games.

There are also designated spots for the coach’s and athletic director’s office, showers, bathrooms, storage, medical area for injuries with four-foot doors in case of an accident that requires an gurney, a visitors locker room and a locker room for the band.

There will also be a room dedicated to referees. That room will be equipped with showers, lockers and more.

“Dehumidifiers are being installed to take moisture out of the air so it doesn’t smell,” Schultz said.
One exciting aspect of the Legacy Field is the tunnel that separates the different rooms leading out to the field.

“The (students) will be able to run out to the field through the tunnel before the games,” he said.
The field itself is just dirt, but Schultz said a layer of crushed stone will be placed over the field to create water run-offs.

The field will be constructed with shock pads and new synthetic field. The concession stands, which are located in the upper part of the field house, is being built with cost savings in mind.

The glass windows will be insulated glass to help keep heat in during colder months. Recovery ventilators by RenewAir Energy reuses already conditioned air to save money.

Odds and ends

Sidewalks and stairs are being built around the new facilities for easier access to fields, courts and a new restroom facility.

Some sidewalk connections include from the bathroom facility to the new junior varsity baseball field and stairs leading up to the tennis courts and stairs up to Legacy Field.

Because of the new fields and courts, draining systems were configured to keep as much water off of the fields as possible.

“We funneled all the water (to the north),” Schultz said.

While exploring the north end of the property, Schultz said he found good sand that could be used to make roads and parking lots.

Through the bond project, the plan was to purchase sand, but after finding out the sand to the north was good sand to use, they decided it would be cheaper to take it from there.

“It cost about $6,000,” Schultz said about removing trees and digging up the sand. “But it saved us roughly $300,000.”

Once it is complete, the area where the sand was dug up will be turned into practice fields.

“(The project) is really well done and thought out,” Schultz said. “They spent time doing the right things.”

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