Kaleidoscope of Times antiques shop is eye candy for collectors

By Ryan Schlehuber "Scoop" • Last Updated 4:19 pm on Friday, March 23, 2012

Ida Church, owner of Kaleidoscope of Times, holds a cookie jar shaped as a pig. She said any antiques with pigs are her favorite kind. In front of her are old totes that were used at the Northland Refrigerator company in Greenville. The totes have been a hot item, she said. “These are the last of them,” Church said.

GREENVILLE — Walking into Ida Church’s shop, Kaleidoscope of Times, one’s eyes immediately wander from one item to the next.
Church, who is partial to any antiques that feature pigs, started the business last August, after falling in love with the auctioning industry.

An antique clothes brush from the Gittleman’s Quality Store in Lakeview.

From antique furniture and glassware to rare home decor and oddities, Church’s shop is eye candy for antique collectors, or, as they are sometimes known as  — “pickers.”
“I have customers come in and literally get on the floor to look at items that are here,” Church said. “They examine everything.
“My husband Darrell and I travel all over the place and keep a fresh supply of different items here at the store,” added Church, who is originally from New Jersey but has resided in Gowen the past eight years. “It’s why I named the store Kaleidoscope of Times, because, like a kaleidoscope, you get something different each time you look in it. My shop is always changing.”
The shop, she said according to some of her knowledgeable customers, sits on an old coal field. A mill was once located across the street until it burned. Church owns that property, as well, which is where the former Haunted Mill building sits. She is cooperating with Peddlers Market of Greenville to hold a two-day flea market at the site April 13-14.
In one corner of her shop, Church displays a few odd items that no one has yet been able to explain what they are.
“It’s my ‘What Am I?’ shelf, Church said. People will bring in some items trying to figure out what they are so I keep them here to see if any of my customers might know.”
Church said she sometimes relies on many of her regular customers to help her price a new item to the store.
“I can’t say enough about my customers,” she said. “They are so great.”
Kaleidoscope also offers some consignment items, such as candles made by Trudi Magoon of Greenville and soap from Sue Griswald of Grand Rapids.
Kaleidoscope of Times is now open every first Sunday of the month. Its normal business hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.
Call (616) 225-2454 for more information.

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