OPINION: CC-C community’s silence is deafening

By Elisabeth Waldon • Last Updated 8:58 am on Wednesday, April 04, 2012

A recent public hearing about hiring a new Carson City-Crystal Area Schools superintendent was short and sweet — because no one was there.

The CC-C school board is searching for a new superintendent. Bob Swanson retired last August and Duane Ellis is currently serving as interim superintendent.

A public hearing was scheduled for March 29 to hear thoughts and opinions of local residents about what skills and qualities the next school leader should have.

But no one attended the meeting.

Other than a Daily News reporter, the lone person at the meeting was Carl Hartman, a representative from North Star Staffing, which is overseeing the superintendent search. Hartman previously served as superintendent for Lakeview Community Schools.

Hartman said he specifically asked school board members not to attend the public hearing. He said he thinks people feel more free to talk if school board members are not present.

Apparently, people felt so free, they didn’t feel the need to talk, much less show up.

I question how school board members can make an informed decision about a new superintendent if they don’t attend a community hearing and are, in fact, told to stay away.

Hartman wasn’t worried about the public’s no-show, opining that a big turnout usually means the district is in turmoil, while a poor turnout shows the public trusts what decisions the board is making.

Really? So the entire community agrees that the school board needs no public input about the new leader of the school district, which comprises Carson City, Crystal and Hubbardston?


I have no proof to the contrary, because no one attended the meeting. Additionally, no one offered even the slightest opinion when asked on The Gazette’s Facebook if they were aware of the public hearing, if they avoided going for a reason or if they had any preference at all about the school district’s new leader.

Your silence speaks volumes.


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