OUR VIEW: Welcome to Greenville, Mr. Pousak

By Daily News • Last Updated 10:03 am on Thursday, April 12, 2012

Approachability, flexibility and communication.

Those are the goals of the new director of the Greenville Department of Public Safety.

And we couldn’t be more hopeful about this new chapter in local law enforcement.

Michael Pousak, 47, took on GDPS director duties on March 26. Just two weeks later, he proved his goals were more than just sound bites.

A Marion man led local police agencies on a 12-mile car chase in the early morning hours Monday. The chase began in Stanton and Montcalm County Sheriff’s deputies pursued the vehicle to Langston, where the pursuit briefly stopped, then started again as the driver headed into Greenville at speeds of up to 85 miles per hour.

That’s when the Michigan State Police and the Greenville Department of Public Safety got involved.

As the car plowed through the lawn of Baldwin Heights Elementary School, nearly ran over a Greenville police officer who had exited his vehicle, then drove through the school’s playground area and onto Judd Street before crashing into a tree, residents began posting on The Daily News Facebook page around 12:20 a.m., asking what was going on in Greenville.

Keeping in mind Mr. Pousak’s stated goals — approachability, flexibility and communication — a Daily News reporter called Mr. Pousak at home to see if he could help explain what was going on and calm people’s fears.

Mr. Pousak went above and beyond our request. He was pleasant when our reporter woke him up (it was well after midnight). He met two of our reporters at the scene of the crash and made sure they were able to get the necessary information about the incident, as well as take photographs of the crash.

As a result, we were able to provide Greenville residents with the most available information in the early morning hours, instead of waiting for a press release the next day.

We are grateful for Mr. Pousak’s commitment to safety and communication. The entire community benefits as a result.

Mr. Pousak comes highly recommended with a notable career in law enforcement. He retired from the Oak Park Department of Public Safety as detective lieutenant last year, after starting there in 1987 as a public safety officer. He worked through the ranks as detective, patrol sergeant, training sergeant and patrol lieutenant.

His resumé is impressive, but his actions even more so.

We welcome Mr. Pousak to Greenville and look forward to a positive working relationship with him in the years to come.

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