JULIE STAFFORD: Reconnecting

By Julie Stafford • Last Updated 11:23 am on Monday, April 16, 2012

Julie Stafford

One of the cool things about Facebook and then moving back to your hometown is that you get to reconnect with folks you haven’t seen or heard from in years — 26 years, to be exact.

Lately, I’ve been in touch with a couple of classmates and high school friends who have niggled at the back of my mind for years. I wondered often what became of them, if they were OK, whether they had families. I’m happy to report that, so far, the answers are success, yes and yes.

For example, turns out one such connection whose character and ability to succeed were questioned during high school, is wildly successful — at least in my book. College educated, great job in a field he’s good at, kind and caring, responsible, funny. All qualities that add up to a good human being who takes care of the folks around him. Something I always knew in my heart, but couldn’t confirm in reality.

Another classmate recently reached out and I was delighted to hear he’s got a job he enjoys, a longtime, happy marriage, kids and is this month celebrating the arrival of his first grandchild. His childhood wasn’t easy and he could have followed any number of paths. But I’m so thankful to find out his life has traveled the high road.

It’s kind of interesting to think about what keeps you connected to some and others, not so much. Always, though, their names have been there, waiting to come back into play all these years later. As someone who’s traveled a fairly bumpy road the past few years, it’s good to know that many of us do beat the odds and that we all have a chance to find happiness and be content in the end.

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