DDA believes Detroit News article showed Greenville in negative light

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 10:31 am on Wednesday, April 18, 2012

GREENVILLE — The Detroit News published an article Saturday titled “Greenville Struggles To Stage Comeback.

The article by Louis Aguilar detailed how the city of Greenville has experienced hardships since Electrolux closed in 2006 and United Solar Ovonic and its parent company, Energy Conversion Devices in Auburn Hills, filed for bankruptcy in mid-February.

Greenville officials would have written the article differently.

Members of the Greenville Downtown Development Authority (DDA) discussed The Detroit News article at their Tuesday morning meeting. Many DDA members believed the article portrayed Greenville in a negative light.

Deb Huch, co-owner of Huch’s Fine Jewelry in downtown Greenville, said she would have liked a more positive twist on the story — highlighting the many positive attributes of Greenville.

Assistant City Manager Cameron Van Wyngarden agreed and said he wished Aguilar would have also interviewed city officials and/or the Greenville Chamber of Commerce.

Aguilar interviewed Peddler’s Market manager Katheryn Townsend, who talked about Ponderosa, which closed in December on the north end of Greenville.

“For me, for some reason, it was the Ponderosa that closed after so many years,” Townsend was quoted as saying. “Everybody used to go there, so when it shut down, it just made me think that it’s really time to come up with new ideas. I just don’t think it’s going to be like it was, when one plant was the big employer.”

Van Wyngarden said he would have told Aguilar that Ponderosa closed as a chain in other locations as well — not as a result of manufacturers leaving Greenville.

Van Wyngarden said he also would have explained to Aguilar that some businesses referred to in the article did not actually close and board up facilities, but simply outgrew the location and moved to a different spot in Greenville.

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