By Julie Stafford • Last Updated 10:31 am on Friday, April 20, 2012

Julie Stafford

The first clue there was a problem was the smell — something was dead, no mistaking it.

In talking with other folks who regularly walk Baldwin Lake, I wasn’t the only one who noticed it. The stench lasted about two weeks — and still surfaces once in a while — before I got brave enough to investigate. I found three trash bags thrown to the side of the dirt road that loops through the cemetery.

Not one to seek out gore, I saw just enough in one of the bags to know it contained a dead animal of some sort. Didn’t want to know what was in the other bags.

Who would do such a thing? The smell was bad, but the thought of what happened to these poor creatures was worse.

Fast-forward a month. My dog, always drawn to dead things, kept checking out a certain spot at the lake’s edge. On closer inspection, I realized it was the decaying body of a cat floating half on, half off the rocks.

Again, who would do such a thing?

Aside from those who hunt for food, I’ll never understand what kind of a mind could kill an animal or drown a cat for fun. And I don’t really want to know. I’m having a hard time getting past what these innocent souls must have suffered. Especially when you consider studies that show demons who do these things are more apt to do the same kinds of things to people, too.

I know there’s nothing I can do to stop these kinds of things from happening. But I sure hope karma is paying attention.

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