Hubbardston Village Council minutes for April 10, 2012

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Name of board: Hubbardston Village Council.

Meeting date: April 10.

Reporting official: Clerk Debbie Amos.

Action items:

1. Approved the agenda.

2. Accepted minutes of the regular March 13 meeting and the March 9 truth in taxation and budget meeting.

3. Approved the treasurer’s report.

4. Approved the clerk’s reports with the addition of Greg Gage’s labor contract invoice for $80 and a High Grade Material invoice for $131.95.

5. Chose a redwood-style sign for Commons Park, funded by donations from the Garden Club in 2011.

6. Designated Greg Gage as street commissioner for the village.

7. Voted not to allow North Plains Township to use the fire department’s telephone because it is a secure line for department use only.

8. Approved contacting the village attorney regarding a quit claim deed presented by Bill Cunningham and Darrel Fahey for lots 1 and 2.

9. Approved contacting the village attorney to examine North Plains Township’s cost recovery ordinance and the village’s cost recovery ordinance to distinguish if they are binding. This action took place after council members discussed the North Plains Township Board’s refusal to carry out any kind of cost recovery levies for fire calls.

Discussion items:

1. Martin Wesner announced his candidacy for North Plans Township clerk.

2. President Janet Dailey reported a Casair tower is definitely going to be built.

3. A March 14 meeting clarified the need for waivers for Memorial Day weekend events and other village events.

4. North Plains Township did not sign a rental agreement with the village.

5. An April 9 meeting took place to discuss Fish Creek clean-up and the dam. About 17 people attended, including seven state and county representatives. The owner of the dam, Roy Davis, was not present. The consensus of all state and county officials was to remove the dam. They do not recommend cleaning Fish Creek with chemicals or dredging. The decision to remove the dam cannot be carried out without the approval of Davis, but the dam will eventually be removed according to state law. Gov. Rick Snyder has allotted funds for dam removal throughout Michigan.

6. Street lights in the village will be surveyed and phased out by Consumers Energy with new energy-saving lights this year. The new light bulbs will save the village approximately $2,250 per year.

7. Dumpsters will be delivered to the village for spring clean-up day, which will take place 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 4.

8. Lebanon Township agreed to a fire protection contract for 2012-2013.

9. Small claims court hearings were scheduled for April 26.

10. Tornado test sirens will take place at 6 p.m. the first Monday of each month during summer months.

Members present: President Janet Dailey, Clerk Debbie Amos, Treasurer Carl Fink, trustees Ellen Genereux, Stephanie Genereux and Earl Geselman.

Members absent: Trustee Mary Dalton.

Next meeting: 6:30 p.m. May 15.

For more information: Call Village Hall at (989) 981-6141.

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