Motions pave way to clean up former Edmore mobile home park site (Video)

Posted by Elisabeth Waldon • Last Updated 11:27 am on Wednesday, May 02 2012

STANTON — A condemned Home Township mobile home park is one step closer to being cleaned up after a court hearing Tuesday afternoon.

Judge Suzanne Hoseth Kreeger granted several motions by Home Township attorney Thomas Wilson. The motions gave Corey Davy and Dorothy Henderline 30 days to clean up Edmore Estates on M-46 just west of Edmore — or else pay township officials to do it for them.

Corey Davy, the owner of Edmore Estates on M-46 in Home Township, repeatedly interrupted the judge and became argumentative during a hearing Tuesday afternoon in 8th Judicial Circuit Court. — Daily News/Elisabeth Waldon

Kreeger also gave Henderline 30 days to pay $2,606.03 to Home Township. Henderline was not present in 8th Judicial Circuit Court. She was served with court papers on Jan. 26, but never responded, according to Wilson.

Kreeger also gave Davy 30 days to clean up the property or else pay township officials to do it for him. Kreeger also ordered Davy to pay $3,082.90 to Home Township.

Davy was present in court Tuesday. He’s been in the Montcalm County Jail since last December, when Kreeger sentenced him to one year in jail for slapping his wife and breaking her cell phone in front of their three children. Davy and his wife have since divorced.

Montcalm County Building Department Director Scott Minard posted a condemnation notice June 9, 2011, on the mobile home property, giving Davy 10 days to clean up or the residents had to leave. Minard later extended that notice until July 19 and then again until Aug. 1.

The residents all moved out by August 2011.

Davy purchased the foreclosed mobile home park in 2008. He was convicted of drunken driving third offense and went to prison in October 2009. He was paroled in January 2011, but moved back and forth between hospitals and rehabilitation facilities for a time as a condition of his parole.

Like Henderline, Davy was served with court papers on Jan. 26. He responded on Feb. 8 with a letter.
“Mr. Davy’s letter fails as a denial,” Wilson said. “There is no valid defense asserted here. Mr. Davy intimates that the property is not abandoned. I have pictures if the court wants to see pictures. There is no longer any argument that this is a mobile home park.”

Davy repeatedly interrupted the judge during the court hearing, reminding Kreeger that she sent him to jail last December so he couldn’t take care of the property. He also blamed the Home Township Police Department and the Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office for not helping him when he asked for assistance.
“They violated my constitutional rights!” he exclaimed repeatedly. “Montcalm County’s railroading me all the way around.”

Kreeger told Davy she refused to argue with him and had deputies escort him from the courtroom.

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