Greenville to hire more teachers to reduce class size

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 9:40 pm on Friday, May 11, 2012

GREENVILLE – Greenville Public Schools is looking to hire early elementary teachers to cut down on class size.

The three to five additional teachers will allow the school’s staff to meet the needs of the students, according to Kori Crawford of the school’s Human Resources Department.

“We know that a child’s success in their first few years of school is crucial to their long-term success in school and in life,” Crawford said.

For several years, class size has been an issue. Because of budget constraints during the last five years, Greenville has not replaced many of the teaching staff who retired.

“This has created an increase in some class sizes across the district,” Crawford said. “Students learn best with a teacher that can differentiate instruction based on individual learning needs. The ability of teachers to focus on individuals decreases as class size goes up.”

Crawford said giving the students the best possible start to their school career is what Greenville wants. In order to accomplish this, Greenville is focusing its attention on class size.

Superintendent Pete Haines said Greenville staff have watched the increasing demand for space closely in the kindergarten program.

“With the earlier commitment to all-day-every-day kindergarten, and for this next fall, a section of Chinese immersion at the kindergarten level, we have built our staffing plan on the assumption of adding at least four more elementary teachers for next year,” Haines said.

By adding these teachers, class sizes will reduce across the district, he said.

“We see immediate impact in terms of the individualized attention we can provide in smaller classes,” Haines said.

Although the plan is hire teachers, Crawford said Greenville is not anticipating additional funding from the state. This means the budget will need to be adjusted elsewhere in order to have the revenue available for the staffing additions.


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