OUR VIEW: Commence with commencement

By Daily News • Last Updated 1:41 pm on Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It is graduation season, and graduation days are time markers in our lives. The seasonal term for graduation is commencement, meaning a beginning.

But it’s no less important to understand that it is also a time of conclusion, an ending.

The ending, for youths at the high school level, means no more free schooling. Scholarships are plentiful for those who have earned them, and even for those who have not but have something to show. Whatever you do, scrounge and scuffle, but don’t stop believing. People less interested in traditional academics but looking for schooling in technical skills can usually find starting jobs with a lucrative future. Hence the word: commencement.

Schools, elementary through high school, technical school and to college as undergraduates mean for most people obviously varying degrees of exemption from the ultimate responsibilities of a career challenge. Nevertheless commencement, at each level, brings a new stage and new responsibilities to your life.

The great thing about our modern education system is that the opportunity is open and freely available to people well above high school age to pursue higher education. Their tenacity not only reflects well on them, but on our area education systems.

Graduates are investors. Whatever you decide to spend your time pursuing, you are investing the days of your life. You also can make investments in your future by your participation in government, your community, and involvement in the decisions of your state and your country. So be heavily invested in all.

To all the graduates, we congratulate you. You are helping to make our area, our state, and our country a more well-informed and educated nation.

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