Greenville City Council reviews 2012-2017 Capital Improvement Program budget

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 10:35 am on Wednesday, May 23, 2012

GREENVILLE — The Greenville City Council held a special meeting Tuesday to review items on the Capital Improvement Program budget with the city manager.

The 2012-2017 Capital Improvement Program is a plan that identifies projects and equipment purchases and how they will be funded. The typically five-year plans area aimed to improve the city and its entities.

City Manager George Bosanic said he did adjust the budget based on the anticipation of not receiving additional funds from United Solar Ovonic, but if the impact is more, he will have to bring an adjusted budget back to the City Council.

“We will have to cut services and go without to make the budget balance,” Bosanic said.
A majority of the $3,611,591 Capital Improvement Program budget is being funded by $1,389,500 in grant funding, which is 38.5 percent of the budget.

Private funding will account for 15.6 percent of the Capital Improvement Program budget with $562,120 and loans will pay for 14.3 percent of the budget by funding $518,141.

The remaining 31.6 percent ($1,141,880) will be funded through sources such as the Capital Improvement fund, major streets, local streets, sewer fund, water fund, water rehab fund, firefighters equipment fund, motor pool and special assessment.

Most of the Capital Improvement Program budget consists of software upgrades, maintenance, equipment upgrades and repairs. The program has budgeted for a new ID card key system for the city hall and public safety building.

Bosanic said currently the buildings run on a key and combination system. Implementing a key card system would provide security and professionalism. The $7,000 project will be funded by the Capital Improvement fund.

“I think this needs to be done,” Mayor John Hoppough said.

Additional signing, benches and drinking fountains have been budgeted for the Fred Meijer Flat River Trail. The $17,500 project will be covered by grant funding.

The Greenville Department of Public Safety is looking to purchase one new cruiser. However, last year was the last year to purchase Crown Victorias, according to Bosanic. The new cruiser will be a new style of vehicle, which means additional public safety car equipment will also have to be purchased to fit in the vehicle.

The Capital Improvement Program budget shows the amount for the cruiser to be $22,000 and the equipment to be $8,000. The $30,000 will be funded through Capital Improvement fund.

“This is a big-ticket item,” Bosanic said. “But it needs to be done.”

Other departments in the Capital Improvement Program budget include the community center, assessor, engineering, recreation, water, street improvements and more.

Hoppough expressed his gratitude to Bosanic for his time are hard work put into the Capital Improvement Program budget.

“Thank you so much, George,” Hoppough said. “You did a good job getting it prepared for us.”

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