Who’s in the Running? 2012 candidates for Montcalm, Ionia county offices

By Elisabeth Waldon • Last Updated 10:52 am on Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The election filing deadline has passed and the candidates are finalized for Ionia and Montcalm counties. The filing deadline was May 15 via the county clerk’s office.
Here’s who’s filed to run in Ionia and Montcalm counties this August and November:

Ionia County

Ionia County Board of Commissioners

• District 1 — Lynn Mason of Belding (Democrat)
• District 2 — Larry Tiejema of Saranac and Barbara Trierweiler of Saranac (both Republicans)
• District 3 — James Banks of Lake Odessa (Republican)
• District 4 — Larry Bussell of Ionia, Brenda Cowling-Cronk of Ionia (both Democrats) and Gordon Kelley of Ionia (Republican)
• District 5 — Chad Murphy of Orleans, Kenneth Thompson of Orleans and Scott Wirtz of Fenwick (all Republicans)
• District 6 — Jack Shattuck of Portland (Republican)
• District 7 — Julie Calley of Portland (Republican)

Ionia County officials

• Prosecutor — incumbent Ronald Schafer of Portland (Republican)
• Sheriff — Gordy Douglas of Orleans (Democrat) and Dale Miller of Lake Odessa (Republican)
• Clerk — incumbent Tonda Rich of Belding and James Lower of Ionia (both Republicans)
• Treasurer — incumbent Nancy Hickey of Lake Odessa (Republican)
• Drain Commissioner — John Bush of Belding and David Daniels of Lake Odessa (both Republicans)
• Register of Deeds — incumbent Diane Adams of Saranac (Republican)

Ionia County judgeship

• Probate Judge — incumbent Robert Sykes Jr. of Ionia


Montcalm County

Montcalm County Board of Commissioners (districts are being re-arranged this year)

• District 1 — Ronald Blanding of Greenville (Democrat), Jack Johnson of Greenville and Dale Reyburn of Greenville (both Republicans)
• District 2 — incumbent Tom Lindeman of Greenville and incumbent Lloyd Walker of Greenville (both Republicans)
• District 3 — incumbent Betty Kellenberger of Carson City (Republican)
• District 4 — Ron Braman of Vestaburg and incumbent Roger Caris of Vestaburg (both Republicans)
• District 5 — Jerome Duran of Edmore (Democrat) and incumbent Ronald Retzloff of Crystal (Republican)
• District 6 — incumbent Patrick Q. Carr of Lakeview
• District 7 — incumbent Ron Baker of Howard City (Republican) and Marjorie Morgan of Howard City (Democrat)
• District 8 — Steve DeWitt of Coral and incumbent Thomas Porter of Coral (both Republicans)
• District 9 — incumbent John Johansen of Greenville

Montcalm County officials

• Prosecutor — incumbent Andrea Krause of Stanton and Ronald Finegood of Stanton (both Republicans)
• Sheriff — incumbent William Barnwell of Greenville (Republican)
• Clerk — incumbent Kristen Millard of Stanton (Republican)
• Treasurer — incumbent JoAnne Vukin of Howard City (Republican)
• Drain Commissioner — Dennis Lance of Carson City, Sandra Raines of Stanton (both Republicans) and Shane Jacobs of Howard City (Democrat)
• Register of Deeds — incumbent Lori Wilson of Stanton (Republican)
• Road Commissioner — S. Michael Scott of Howard City (Republican)

Montcalm County judgeship

• Probate Judge — incumbent Charles Simon III

Contested township races in Montcalm County

• Belvidere Township trustee: John Anderson of Edmore, incumbent Darlene Beardslee of Six Lakes and Nola Kirk of Six Lakes (all Republicans)
• Bloomer Township treasurer: Karen Crouse of Carson City and Colleen Schneider of Carson City (both Republicans)
• Bloomer Township trustee (2 positions): Tara Chapko of Carson City, incumbent Raymond Crouse of Carson City, Holly Keiffer of Carson City and incumbent Dan Ryan of Sheridan (all Republicans)
• Bushnell Township clerk: Louise Belyou of Fenwick and Connie Kelsey of Fenwick (both Republicans)
• Crystal Township treasurer: Ted Padgett of Crystal and Kristine Stewart of Carson City (both Republicans)
• Crystal Township trustee (2 positions): Jason Anderson of Crystal, incumbent Curt McCracken of Carson City, incumbent Jeremiah Stone of Crystal (all Republicans)
• Eureka Township supervisor: Les Lillie of Greenville (Republican) and incumbent Laura Shearers of Greenville (Democrat)
• Eureka Township trustee (4 positions): Jeremy Austin of Greenville, C. Brad Kelley of Greenville and incumbent Elaine Pendrick of Greenville (all Republicans), incumbent Rodney Roy of Greenville and Mark Wilkin of Greenville (both Democrats)
• Home Township trustee (2 positions): Chris Irwin of Edmore, incumbent Bud Longnecker of Edmore and Rick McCune of Edmore (all Republicans)
• Maple Valley Township trustee (2 positions): Lee Frandsen of Trufant, Barbara Neal-Ward of Trufant and John Schwandt of Trufant (all Republicans)
• Montcalm Township treasurer: Rosemary Hyde of Greenville and Tracey Keeny of Gowen (both Republicans)
• Pine Township clerk: Marla Sprague of Stanton and Bobby Yaw of Lakeview (both Republicans)
• Pine Township treasurer: Cindy Holliday of Stanton and incumbent Ruth Johnson of Stanton (both Republicans)
• Reynolds Township supervisor: Daniel Fisk of Howard City and incumbent Keith Grannis of Howard City (both Republicans)
• Reynolds Township clerk: incumbent Tina Porzondek of Newaygo and Robin Sholty of Howard City (both Republicans)
• Reynolds Township treasurer: incumbent Roger Stedman of Howard City and Jan Stevens of Howard City (both Republicans)
• Reynolds Township trustee (2 positions): Aaron Kindel of Howard City, incumbent Lee Olsen of Howard City, Willet Smith of Howard City and incumbent Ann Yankee of Howard City (all Republicans)
• Sidney Township supervisor: incumbent Terry Peterman of Sidney and Bob Thomas of Stanton (both Democrats)
• Sidney Township trustee (2 positions): incumbent Larry Ek of Stanton and Veldra Raines of Sidney (both Republicans), Rex Clock of Sidney and Jeff Hopkins of Sheridan (both Democrats)
• Winfield Township treasurer: Michael Gommesen of Howard City and incumbent Catherine Killinger of Lakeview (both Republicans)

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