‘Believe in yourself’: 77 graduate from Carson City-Crystal

By Cory Smith • Last Updated 11:25 am on Monday, June 04, 2012

Graduates of Carson City-Crystal High School celebrate their graduation by throwing their caps into the air at the conclusion of graduating ceremonies Sunday afternoon. — Daily News/Cory Smith

CARSON CITY — Entering two-by-two, dressed in royal blue and silver robes, it was evident just how excited the class of 2012 was to graduate from Carson City-Crystal High School when Nathan LaVictor scooped up fellow graduate and best friend Shelby Kipp in his arms and carried her to their seats before sitting down.

The two were part of 77 anxious seniors who walked through the doors of the school gymnasium one final time before becoming official graduates of Carson City-Crystal High School.

Graduating senior Jordan Tyler moves his tassel from the right side of his cap to the left, the final step in passage of becoming an official graduate of Carson City-Crystal High School. — Daily News/Cory Smith

On a day when emotions on every end of the spectrum could be found in laughs and tears from members of the audience, there was no shortage of thanks and appreciation from members of the senior class.

“As a member of the extraordinary class of 2012, I know we have all been anticipating this day for quite a while, and to be honest, we couldn’t have done it without the support of everyone in this room,” said senior Kaitlynn McCrackin to open the ceremony. “We are all so ecstatic to have you all here watch us take our final steps as high schoolers … today is finally here, the day we thought would never come. I give my best wishes to my fellow graduates in whatever you do and wherever life takes you.”

As class speaker Sara Schneider took the stage, she had an important message to deliver to her fellow classmates before they left the Carson City-Crystal High School a final time.

“Today is one of the many stepping stones that we will go through during our lives,” she said. “After today we will have more responsibility, independence and freedom than we have ever had before.”

Speaking from a critical moment from the previous girls basketball season, Schneider reminded everyone that confidence is key in moving forward in life.

“How we were supposed to believe in ourselves if no one believed in us?” she asked. “The response is, self confidence. You need to believe in yourself before someone else will. You have to believe in you for a change to happen. It’s what you believe will happen in your life that will happen, not what everybody else thinks.”

Schneider then reminded everyone that though it may be sad to move on and leave friends and family behind, there is still much to find joy in.

“When I was writing this speech, I realized how sad it is to think about all of the friends and memories made here and how it stinks that we area leaving most of them behind,” she said. “But then I thought, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a sad thing. The memories and experiences that we have created up and till this point will stay with us forever.”

Before standing together, turning their tassels and joyfully throwing their caps in the air, becoming official graduates of the class of 2012, class speaker Logan McClintic had one last message for his fellow students.

“As much as the students would like to dwell it he memories of high school, we must move on,” he said. “We must leave this school and this town and advance out into the world and find other things and make something of ourselves. No longer can we rely on our parents or teachers to help us every step of the way.”

After many hugs and a final walk around the perimeter of the gymnasium, the class of 2012 exited the school, no longer as seniors, but as graduates of Carson City-Crystal High School.

Carson City-Crystal High School graduate Kaitlynn McCrackin receives her diploma from school board treasurer Kelly Decker Sunday afternoon at Carson City-Crystal High School. — Daily News/Cory Smith

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