More no-parking signs to be placed in Greenville

By Julie Stafford • Last Updated 2:15 pm on Thursday, June 07, 2012

GREENVILLE — More no-parking signs are going to be placed throughout Greenville, making roads more accessible and safe.

During Tuesday night’s meeting, the Greenville City Council approved multiple items on the agenda regarding parking within the city. Traffic-control orders establishing no-parking signs were approved for some streets after the city received complaints.

City Manager George Bosanic said each case is handled separately so the pros and cons can be weighed.

Sprague Street

The city received complaints after people started parking on both sides of Sprague Street.

“It’s a little more narrow,” noted Public Services Director Mike Chesher.

Because of its narrowness and cars parking on both sides of Sprague Street, it makes it difficult for vehicles to pass through, especially public safety vehicles if needed.

The council approved the traffic-control order establishing no parking at any time signs on the south side of Sprague Street, from Smith Street to the east.

Chase Street

Recently, people have been parking off the road and on the grass along Chase Street for student pick-up and Little League games.

However, this has created some concern because it’s a highly traveled road and the parking has left damage to the lawn, Chesher said.

Bosanic said when determining what to do in these situations they have to look at if the city takes away parking, where are people going to park?

In this case, Greenville Public Schools recently completed a parking lot adjacent to the outfield of the baseball field located at the corner of Chase Street and Greenville West Drive.

The council approved a traffic control order for no parking at any times signs on both sides of Chase Street from Greenville West Drive to Hillcrest Street.

“It’s good to get this done because of Little League,” said Councilman Mark Lehman.

West Baldwin Lake Drive

With warmer weather, more people have been heading out to the beach and trailhead on West Baldwin Lake Drive, causing overflow traffic to park in areas not appropriate for parking.

“This is a good problem to have, but it’s still a problem,” Bosanic said.

With cars parked in in the area indicated for parking, emergency vehicles would not fit if they needed to be called.

After looking over the area, Chesher said it was determined some parking can be put in along the trail side of the drive opposite of the beach, but remaining places must have yellow stripes for no parking at any time.

The council approved the traffic control order for no parking at any time signs on West Baldwin Lake Drive from Mills Park Drive to the west city limits.

Ruth Street

Currently, Ruth Street has a “no parking at any time” sign, however, according to Chesher, a traffic control order could not be found for the sign. He said because there was not an order, the sign could not be enforced.

The council approved a traffic control order for the sign on Ruth Street from West Benton to 50 feet south.

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