Greenville OKs public safety agreement

By Kelli Ameling • Last Updated 10:19 am on Friday, June 08, 2012

GREENVILLE — The Greenville City Council accepted an agreement with the Police Officers Association of Michigan for the officers of the Greenville Department of Public Safety.

After coming out of an executive session on Tuesday, the City Council approved the one-year agreement. Assistant City Manager Cameron Van Wyngarden said in the past, the agreements have been three-year-long agreements. However, with the unpredictable budgets, the last two years the agreements were only one-year agreements.

“We are hoping this is the last year we have to do one-year agreements,” Van Wyngarden said.
The agreement, which begins July 1 and continues through June 30, 2013, has had some adjustments since the previous agreement.

Mike Pousak, director of the Greenville Department of Public Safety said he was pleased they could agree on a contract.

“I am pleased we came to an agreement and can continue to work without distractions,” Pousak said.
Among the adjustments are the following:

• Health and hospitalization will be subject to the same health care plans, including employee contributions, as are implemented for other city employees as of July 1.
• The amount the employer will contribute to the retiree health insurance will be determined by multiplying $6.85 times the employee’s year of continuous active service for employees instead of $6.52.
• Each employee will now received 24 hours of personal leave per year. It was previously 16.
• Employee holidays will no longer include the employee’s birthday. Full-time employees will be paid eight hours of pay for holidays, which will be paid during the pay period in which the holiday falls.
• The city reserves the right to determine the number of public safety officers that will be on duty at any time, and nothing in the agreement shall constitute an agreement to maintain any particular number of employees on duty.

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