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By Julie Stafford • Last Updated 9:59 pm on Friday, June 08, 2012

During the past six months, the Stafford Media Solutions publishing team has worked hard to make our products a relevant part of your daily routine. We’re hoping you’ve noticed more local stories. Sharper, more vivid pictures. Increased advertising from local businesses. And have you checked out the newly released mobile version of our website for Android and iOS devices? No need to download any special apps, just browse to and the website will handle the rest.

And we’ve got more in store.

A redesign of our homepage is in the works, making it more user friendly and incorporate the feedback we’ve gotten from you. It’ll include more stories, more pictures, and more videos.

We’re in the process of giving our printed product a face-lift, too, and plan to unveil its new look later this year. Hopefully you’ve checked out our new entertainment guide called “Free Time.” It runs in The Daily News the last Friday of every month, but you’ll find new content on our online version at

One change you’ll notice starting next week is in our daily advice column. For years, we’ve been host to Annie’s Mailbox and know it has a loyal following. But we’ve run into issues with another local publication that prints a week’s worth of these columns on Sundays, making it old news by the time you read it in our paper. We think we’ve come up with a sassy, straight shooting alternative. Check out “Ask Amy: Advice for the real world” in Mondays paper. It’s a personal advice column written by the Chicago Tribune’s Amy Dickinson, who researches her topics so that she can give readers informed opinions and answers. Let us know what you think.

While some lament newspapers as a dying industry, we at Stafford Media Solutions consider ourselves entrepreneurs of sorts, always looking for progressive, cutting edge ways to provide you with local news the way you want it.

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