GUEST VIEW: Greenville’s police chief checks in

By Daily News • Last Updated 12:41 pm on Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Guest View | Michael Pousak

I am grateful for the opportunity to publicly express my appreciation to the Greenville community.

These past few months have allowed me to meet some genuinely nice and thoughtful people. As the weeks continue, I’ve discovered that this is the norm and the residents of Greenville care about their community and want to contribute toward improving the city. I have seen this reflected with the members of City Council who have, despite unprecedented economic challenges, somehow continue to maintain funding levels for the public safety department.

This inspiring community spirit motivates me in seeking programs and making decisions that have the community interest in mind. Programs such as child safety seat installation and prescription drug drop-off boxes are in the works and should be implemented within the next few months.

However, these and other endeavors wouldn’t be successful without the desire and dedication of the men and woman who make up the Department of Public Safety. It is through their positive attitudes, work ethic and commitment toward continued improvement that contribute to the success and professionalism of the department. The continuous training and other activities that occur out of public view assist these officers with achieving their assignments safely and efficiently. Within these first few months I have witnessed them follow-up and investigate criminal matters which have culminated in the arrest and criminal charges of those responsible.

I have also watched as they battled house fires in a very safe and proficient matter, which is a testament to their training. I would be remiss if I failed to mention the dedicated paid-on-call firefighters who respond from their homes or work, sometimes in the middle of the night, to answer calls with the desire to protect the community. It is because of them that our fire service is successful and I am thankful for their commitment.

Our agency also benefits from the dedication and work ethic of our reserve officers who train and ride along with our officers in their law enforcement efforts. These reserve officers are private citizens who want to give back to the community and provide assistance at scenes of accidents and other matters. As you may see, the caring and contributing attitude of the community members is evident in the both the fire and police service.

Law enforcement and fire service agencies throughout the county continue to work and train in partnership with our department, providing us with assistance and resources when called upon. With a strain on resources, it is a blessing to know that we can count on their support as much as they can count on ours.
Most of all however, I am grateful to the citizens of the Greenville for it is because of your support and encouragement that keeps the members of the public safety department striving to provide quality service. I encourage everyone to work with us by reporting criminal and /or suspicious activity because we cannot be effective or successful without you.

The quest to provide quality service doesn’t end with just the public safety department. Every day, I see good faith efforts being made by every department within the city to meet and exceed the expectations and demands of residents and business owners. Recently, I had observed city employees offer their own money so as to fund transportation for a person who couldn’t afford to get back to his home in Grand Rapids.

These acts of caring and compassion are what set this city apart and I am proud to be a part of it. Thank you, Greenville.

Mike Pousak became director of the Greenville Department of Public Safety in March.

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