Crystal Township anti-funneling ordinance remains unresolved

By Lonnie Allen • Last Updated 3:22 pm on Monday, July 16, 2012

CRYSTAL TOWNSHIP — Crystal Township Board members again tabled a vote Wednesday on whether to rescind the township’s anti-funneling ordinance.

Ordinance 15A was adopted in September 2007 and became effective in October 2007. According to Crystal Township Supervisor Charles Braman, the reasoning behind the idea to rescind the ordinance deals with fairness.

Crystal Lake Association representative Bonnie Kanitz said lake association members do not want the ordinance rescinded.

“We, as cottage owners, feel that if the anti-funneling ordinance went away then there would be no control as far as funneling large amounts of people down right next to our property,” she said. “It takes away the enjoyment of a property owner if you have a property next to yours with large amounts of people.”

Kanitz said that to her understanding the anti-funneling ordinance has nothing to do with current litigation and should not be rescinded because of litigation against the township board. She was referring to a lawsuit filed in 8th Judicial Circuit Court in Stanton on Nov. 1, 2011, by Gerrit Bakker of Lakeside Resort. Bakker is seeking more than $150,000 in damages and the right to develop the Sunset Beach Campground on North Shore Drive on the east shore of Crystal Lake.

Township board members will meet with attorney Clifford Bloom on on July 23 for an update regarding the  lawsuit. Board members wouldn’t comment on the litigation issue.

Treasurer Dennis Lance made a motion to postpone the vote to rescind the ordinance until the next meeting in August. The motioned carried with one “nay” from Trustee Curt McCracken

Other business Wednesday night included approval of township bills, the treasurer’s report and approval of Crystal Lake and Duck Lake sanitary sewer bills.

Marv Sandborn, representing Duck Lake, said the die-off of Northern pike in the lake has been cleaned up. According to reports, Northern pike had died off in several lakes due to water temperatures being at a point where the pike can’t tolerate it.

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